Pickering Interfaces will be demonstrating a wide range of Test & Verification solutions at productronica 2021

New PXI multi-cell battery simulator modules on display

Pickering Interfaces will be demonstrating its latest product developments at productronica 2021, the world’s leading trade fair for electronics development and production, in Munich (November 16th to 19th). In Hall A1 on Booth 452 Pickering will highlight a PXI-based Battery Management System (BMS) test demo combining its latest PXI multi-cell battery simulator module along with its other switch and simulation modules, including fault insertion switching, programmable resistors, RTD simulators inside their PXIe chassis for a fully flexible BMS test system.

The recently launched family of battery simulator modules is ideal for Electric Vehicle (EV) battery stack emulation in Battery Management Systems (BMS) test applications. The 41-752A (PXI) and 43-752A (PXIe) modules enable direct voltage and current readback either programmatically or using Pickering’s soft panel control. Each cell simulator is highly accurate, specified at ±5 mV from 1 V to 7 V.

Targeting EV, automotive, aerospace, energy storage and electric aircraft applications, the new battery simulator modules occupy a single PXI slot. They are available with two, four or six battery cell simulators per module that are fully isolated from ground and from each other facilitating series connection to simulate batteries in a stacked architecture. The 750 V isolation barrier allows the modules to be used to simulate lower power battery stacks that are commonly used for vehicle propulsion. Battery charging emulation is available up to 100 mA.

Also highlighted on the booth will be:

New 12-slot BRIC configurations for two popular PXI matrix switch models. The 1Amp 40-562B BRIC12 modules can hold up to 18 matrix daughtercards with up to 3168 crosspoints. The 0.5Amp 40-558 BRIC12 modules can also hold up to 18 matrix daughtercards, offering up to 9216 crosspoints, making it the industry’s highest capacity PXI matrix switch module.

eBIRST Switching System Test Tools – Designed specifically for Pickering’s PXI, PCI or LXI products, these tools simplify switching system fault-finding by quickly testing the system and graphically identifying the faulty relay.

Cable Design Tool – A graphics-based online tool used to create custom cable solutions for many applications. Features include a built-in library of standard cable sets that can be used as the basis for customization or they can be defined from scratch. The tool allows very detailed design characteristics including: selection of connector types, wire type, pin definitions, pin and cable labelling, cable bundling, length selection, sleeving, comments and more.

On Pickering’s Booth 452 in Hall A1, visitors can also get the latest information about various LXI Chassis, a new 8-Slot Express Chassis, various PXI modules FI, Simulation, RF, Microwave, PXIe Precision Resistor Cards and a 65-200 Chassis with various plug-in cards.