Amphenol RF expands SMA panel mount product series with additional front mount bulkhead jacks

Amphenol RF expands SMA panel mount offerings with durable & compact front mount bulkhead jacks designed to accommodate various micro-coax cable types

Amphenol RF announce the expansion of our SMA panel mount product series with additional front mount bulkhead jacks. These jacks are designed to offer vibration resistance as well as tamper-resistant capabilities that are often beneficial for uses within an enclosure in a public space. They are ideal for applications with limited space such as drones, test and measurement equipment, industrial automation and inspection, and Bluetooth and cellular technology.

SMA front mount bulkhead jacks are constructed with gold plated, brass bodies and gold plated, beryllium copper contacts. This interconnect offers reliable electrical performance up to 6 GHz and features a threaded coupling mechanism that ensures uniform contact of the outer conductors.

These SMA connectors join a robust portfolio of RF connector types designed to terminate to various micro-coax cables. Panel mount SMA connectors can be fastened on the inside of a panel or enclosure to provide additional security for sensitive systems. They can be used in conjunction with pre-configured RF cable assemblies that are routed within the system to mate with the SMA interface.