Mouser Electronics Now Shipping Laird Antennas’ 5G Phantom

Low-Profile On-Ground Plane Antennas for IoT Applications

Mouser Electronics, Inc., the industry’s leading New Product Introduction (NPI) distributor with the widest selection of semiconductors and electronic components™, is now stocking the 5G Phantom on-ground plane antennas from Laird Antennas. Based on the popular, industry-standard Phantom Series antennas, the new series of low-profile on-ground 5G antenna solutions offer unparalleled coverage and adaptability across multiple industries. 

The Laird Antennas 5G Phantom low-profile on-ground plane antennas, available from Mouser Electronics, deliver up to 6 dBi of optimal circular gain and average efficiency of over 80%. Unlike other solutions where gain can be focused in unhelpful directions, such as toward the sky where drops in gain or signal can occur, 5G Phantom antennas are engineered to be 10 to 20 degrees above the horizon. Combined with minimal gain ripple around the horizon, these antennas offer superior connectivity and exceptional efficiency over traditional antennas and can provide consistent performance regardless of their direction with minimal signal drops or dead spots.

The antennas offer a wide frequency coverage of 617 to 7125 MHz  or 698 to 7125 MHz (depending on the model). They deliver global cellular coverage for many current 4G and 5G frequencies, even for regions that use the lower 600-MHz frequencies. They also offer future-proofing of the emerging 5G frequencies in the 4200 to 7125 MHz range, as well as many other cellular frequencies. The antennas offer tamper-resistant installation and excellent connectivity due to their rugged, direct-mount, threaded stud with integrated N-female connector. The direct coaxial connection helps ensure consistent performance, even at higher frequencies, by reducing performance losses associated with other mounting methods.

Laird Antennas’ 5G Phantom low-profile on-ground plane antennas can be deployed in the field for many years without the need for maintenance or repair and are backed by the company’s leading five-year warranty. These 5G Phantom antennas are well suited for a variety of vertical industries deploying Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, including utilities, transportation, public safety, agriculture, public transit, healthcare and manufacturing.

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