Photo-Coupled MOSFET Relays now in the Mobile app for free download

Panasonic Industry launches a mobile app to offer developers easy and valuable orientation within a range of more than 400 available types of photo-coupled MOSFET relays – for any kind of application.

I’m sure there is what I need, but how can I find it? – this roughly summarizes a common headache most product developers and designers occasionally suffer from – especially when it comes to finding the one component that exactly matches a new application’s requirements in each and every criterion.

In the field of photo-coupled MOSFET relays – undoubtedly the proven and modern alternative to their electromechanical predecessors – there is some valuable orientation in sight as Panasonic Industry has just launched its PhotoMOS® app for free download:

Finding the most suitable types among the 400 variants is now very easy With just a few taps, designers can save their results as favorites, directly download the datasheet, or immediately request some samples from Panasonic Industry.

For anyone curious to learn more about the technology, the integrated MOSpedia offers answers on specs, features and benefits of PhotoMOS® relays – and more than a dozen application notes will provide answers to common design-in questions.  

“Nowadays, being a committed enabler for the industry does not only mean developing market-leading and reliable technologies, but also making them accessible and sharing relevant knowledge in the easiest way possible”, explains Sebastian Holzinger from Panasonic Industry. “Where would that work out quicker and easier than on the mobile devices we have with us every day?”

Get a first impression of the app in our brief video – and download the new PhotoMOS® App here.