60V & 80V N-Channel MOSFETs for Telecom & Industrial applications

Vishay Intertechnology 60 V & 80 V N-Channel MOSFETs in PowerPAK 8x8L Deliver Best in Class RDS(ON) Down to 0.65 mΩ

Compact Devices Feature Bond Wireless Construction & Gullwing Leads for Increased Board-Level Reliability

Vishay Intertechnology introduced two new n-channel TrenchFET MOSFETs that increase power density, efficiency, and board-level reliability in telecom and industrial applications. To achieve these design goals, the 60 V SiJH600E and 80 V SiJH800E combine ultra low on-resistance with high temperature operation to +175 °C and high continuous drain current handling. Their space-saving PowerPAK 8x8L package promotes board-level reliability with its bond wireless construction and gullwing leads for mechanical stress relief.

The ultra low on-resistance of the SiJH600E and SiJH800E — 0.65 mΩ and 1.22 mΩ typical at 10 V, respectively — is 54 % and 52 % lower than same-generation devices in the PowerPAK SO-8. This translates into energy savings by minimizing power losses due to conduction.

For increased power density, the SiJH600E and SiJH800E deliver continuous drain current of 373 A and 288 A, respectively, in a package that is 60 % smaller and 57 % thinner than the D²PAK. To save board space, each MOSFET can also be used in place of two PowerPAK SO-8 devices in parallel.

Device Specification Table:

Part NumberVDS (V)ID (A)RDS(ON) @ 10 V (mΩ)Rthjc (°C/W)

With high temperature operation to +175 °C, the Vishay Siliconix devices released today provide ruggedness and reliability for synchronous rectification in power supplies, motor drive control, battery management, and power tool applications. Lead (Pb)-free, halogen-free, and RoHS-compliant, the devices are 100 % Rg and UIS tested.

Package Comparison Table:

PackageLength (mm)Width (mm)Thickness (mm)Dimension (LxW mm²)
PowerPAK 8x8L8.07.91.863.2
D²PAK (TO-263)15.2104.4152

Samples of the SiJH600E and SiJH800E are available now. Information on production lead times and quantities is available from Vishay or our distribution partners.