Safeguard your system with Amphenol RF compact IP67 SMA Waterproof Connectors

Amphenol RF expands its SMA panel mount offerings with durable, compact front mounted IP67 bulkhead jacks designed to accommodate semi-rigid & flexible cable types

Amphenol RF expands the selection of waterproof SMA connectors with additional front mount bulkhead jack options. These IP67 straight crimp connectors are designed to accommodate a variety of industry standard semi-rigid and flexible cable types. The durable construction and compact size of these RF female connectors makes them ideal for applications that have limited space such as drones, industrial automation and Bluetooth and cellular technology.

Front-mount bulkhead SMA jacks can be fastened on the inside of a panel or enclosure to provide additional security for sensitive systems. These tamper resistant connectors are further aided by their threaded coupling mechanism which adds to the robust design of the connectors by offering vibration resistance for applications up to 26.5 GHz. They are fully tested to IP67 specifications in the mated and unmated condition.

IP67 SMA connectors are designed to support cables that offer excellent performance and stability in high-temperature and demanding environments. They join a robust portfolio of waterproof connectors, adapters and cable assemblies that are currently available off-the-shelf and as custom solutions. These products can be utilized within indoor or outdoor applications and provide reliable mechanical durability in either setting.

For more information: IP67 SMA Front Mount Bulkhead Datasheet

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