Infineon’s F3 Enhanced Gate Driver Family for short-Circuit Protection in Power Electronics Systems

Infineon Technologies AG is expanding its portfolio of isolated EiceDRIVER Enhanced gate drivers with the F3 Enhanced (1ED332x) family. The gate driver family implements reliable and versatile protection to prevent destructive short-circuit events. This allows both conventional power switches, such as IGBTs, as well as CoolSIC™ wide-bandgap devices to be protected. The driver family is designed for industrial drives, solar systems, electric vehicle charging, energy storage systems, commercial air conditioning and other applications.

The EiceDRIVER F3 Enhanced is housed in a 300 mil wide-body DSO 16 package with a large creepage distance of 8 mm. The single-channel isolated gate driver offers an exceptional high common-mode transient immunity (CMTI) of up to 300 kV/us and typical output currents of up to 8.5 A. The tight propagation delay matching allows minimum deadtime improving system efficiency and decreasing harmonic distortion. The driver family provides short-circuit clamping and active shutdown as well as an active Miller clamp.

The devices are designed for wide power ranges and support 40 V absolute maximum output voltage. In addition, the driver family is suitable for operation at high ambient temperatures and in fast switching applications, making it perfect for rugged environments. As a result, it is ideally suited for conventional IGBTs, IGBT7 and silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFETs. Moreover, with its 2300 V capability, it supports power switches beyond 1200 V blocking voltage. UL 1577 and VDE 0884-11 (reinforced isolation) certifications ensure high application reliability and guarantee a long service life.


The EiceDRIVER™ F3 Enhanced and the evaluation board EVAL-1ED3321MC12N can be ordered now. More information is available at