Connect in small spaces with Amphenol RF BNC right-angle Plug Cable Assemblies

Amphenol RF is pleased to announce the expansion of BNC cable assembly series with a unique configuration that employs strain relief boots on either end of the cable. This BNC straight to right-angle Plug Cable Assemblies boasts additional reinforcement to the joints to prevent damage in applications that require frequent mating and unmating. The right-angle end of the assembly can be used as a space-saving measure in situations where industrial RG-58 is unable to bend in accordance with the design requirements. This assembly is well suited for both industrial and commercial use.

This 50 ohm BNC cable assembly offers reliable electrical performance up to 4 GHz. The BNC connectors on each end feature the dependable bayonet mating mechanism and are manufactured using durable nickel-plated, brass bodies with gold-plated contacts.

Pre-configured BNC assemblies support designs that require more flexibility for connecting cables within an application. This new configuration joins a robust portfolio of traditional BNC products while offering a new solution for compact applications with its bayonet coupling mechanism allowing for more secure connections in this space.