Laird Connectivity Sentrius Starter Kits for Temperature-Monitoring Applications now at Mouser

Mouser Electronics is now stocking the Sentrius IG60-BL654 and BT610 Starter Kits for Temperature-Monitoring Applications from Laird Connectivity. Including the latest wireless IoT gateway offering in Laird Connectivity’s growing family of IoT devices, the kits securely and reliably connect Bluetooth-enabled sensors to the cloud, providing everything needed to start a wireless Internet of Things (IoT) temperature-sensing proof-of-concept in minutes.

The Laird Connectivity Sentrius IG60-BL654 and BT610 Starter Kits, available from Mouser Electronics, include the Sentrius IG60-BL654 gateway with Amazon Web Services (AWS), plus three BT610 Bluetooth 5 sensors, and three thermistor cable assemblies for temperature sensing. Engineers can gather data from the BT610 sensors and collect the data with the IG60-BL654 gateway before sending it to the cloud via AWS IoT Greengrass, while available iOS and Android mobile apps enable fast, in-field provisioning.

The IG60-BL654 gateway is based on Laird Connectivity’s 60 Series module and BL654 embedded Bluetooth module with Nordic Semiconductor nRF52840 system-on-chip (SoC), providing a powerful platform for Bluetooth 5 long-range sensor-to-cloud applications. The combination of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi allows customers to capture data from Bluetooth 5 sensors, add edge intelligence, and send that data to the cloud over high-performance 802.11ac Wi-Fi.

The Sentrius BT610 is a Bluetooth 5 sensor platform that turns wired sensors into IP67-rated, battery-operated wireless nodes that provide robust and secure messaging. The sensor supports virtually any industry-standard external sensor through a wide range of interface options, such as general-purpose analog inputs, digital input/output to I²C, SPI, and UART, or in combination with a sensor cable assembly.

The BT610 is fully certified for FCC, ISED, EU, RCM, and MIC, and is Bluetooth SIG listed.

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