Build your career in wireless charging technology

Dr Abhilasha Gaur, Chief Operating Officer Electronics Sector Skills Council of India

Many giant tech companies including Apple, Samsung, LG, Motorola are providing wireless charging facilities with mobiles these days. There is also a discussion among people about the technology of wireless charging and gradually it is increasing. With the advent of new technology, there is a possibility of its expansion. Looking at this, it can be said that every new technology brings with it many opportunities. The growing scope and expansion of this new technology has opened new career opportunities for the youth. Let us understand about the technology of wireless charging and the new career opportunities arising out of it. New challenges arise every day that require the sharp problem-solving skills of individuals. Are you in for the challenges?

 What is Wireless Charging?

Wireless charging leverages the concept of electromagnetic induction, which occurs when an alternating electric charge across an induction coil produces a fluctuating magnetic field. This field is then used to transfer power between a charging station and target device. Wireless power transfer (WPT) technology will be widely used in the near future because it permits the transmission of electrical energy from a power source to an electrical load across an air gap without the use of any galvanic connection. For this reason, it is safer, cheaper, and more comfortable than traditional wired connections. The vision for the future of power supply is the gradual replacement of wire links with wireless connections, as was the case in communications a few years ago.

Here are the career options:

World leading technology companies are moving rapidly towards wireless charging because of this, a lot of new career opportunities are being created in this filed. With the arising of new challenges, skilled people are required with the new skill set. If we talk about wireless Charging technology, many career options are available as System Architect, Wireless Charging Integration, Optical Engineer, Embedded Software Engineer, Hardware Engineer etc. The main job of a system architect is to develop as a power delivery product and platform. It is a multi-technical domain job, dealing with digital and Analog hardware, embedded software, server side, applications, network architecture, optics, algorithms etc. Similarly, the work of other job roles is of different manufacturing, designing, optical systems and modules.

 How can you enter this sector?

Wireless Charging technology field has totally evolved around engineering. For this, the student of science in 12th gets easy admission. The career path is easy for students with B.Tech Electrical, Electronics and Communication, Computer Science and B.Sc. Physics and Computer Science. With B.Tech. or B.Sc., if a short-term course is done in optical fibre, magnetism, and power transmission, then it is very beneficial for the student. Such studies are conducted in many universities and engineering colleges in the country. The Electronics Sector Skill Council of India also imparts training in developing a basic understanding of Electrical and Electronics. For this many short-term courses are being run through different training partners.

 Why are there career opportunities?

Wireless charging technology is no longer limited to mobiles and smartwatches. Its scope is increasing day by day. Emphasis is being laid on its use from micro, small scale industries to other industries. Because of this, the market is growing rapidly at the global level. According to Allied Market Research, this sector will grow at a rate of around 23.4 percent from 2020 to 2027. Globally, there will be a market of $49,304 million by 2027. Apart from electronics, its use is increasing in the automotive, industrial, health care, aerospace, and defense sectors. In India it is growing at the rate of 14.5 percent. WPT technology based on inductively coupled (resonant or non-resonant) coils is under investigation and development for a very wide range of applications in electric vehicles, drones, medical devices, consumer electronics, portable and mobile devices, sensors, IoT, etc.

 Where can you find jobs?

All the big technology companies are adopting wireless charging technology. For the skilled person career opportunities are available in the Resonant Technology segment, Consumer Applications, Inductive Technology and Health Care Applications. If we talk about industries in terms of employment, then mainly electronics is a big employment sector. It exists in many forms including research and development, manufacturing, testing, technology integration. Apart from this, career opportunities are also available in the automotive, industrial, health care, energy, aerospace, and defense sectors.

What are the prospects in India?

This technology of wireless charging is new in India. It also saves energy and there is no risk of electric shock. But even this advanced technology has some flaws. The time taken for wireless charging is very long and the coil of the phone and the coil of the charger must be mixed while the phone is charging.

Wireless charging promises to expand the range and increase mobility for IoT device users. For new chargers, the distance has increased to about 10 centimeters. As the technology continues to advance rapidly, it could soon be possible to transmit power through the air across distances of several meters. The business and commercial sector also continues to introduce new and innovative applications for wireless chargers. Restaurant tables that charge smartphones and other smart devices, office furniture with integrated charging capabilities, and kitchen counters that power the coffee machine and other appliances wirelessly are some of the potential applications of the technology.