Cinch Connectivity Solutions Expands Mil/Aero Circular MD801 Connector Series

To Meet Demands of Stringent Military Standard Classifications

Cinch Connectivity Solutions announced the expansion of the Mil/Aero Circular MD801 Series. The Mil/Aero Circular MD801 is a lightweight, ultraminiature connector with small form factors and high-density capabilities, ideal for aerospace, military, and other harsh environment applications. With the features meeting Military Standard (MIL-SPEC) classifications, this product can also be adapted to accommodate commercial applications. Additional use cases include UAV’s, military vehicle coms, satellite communication systems, military radios, and military display systems. 

The new products include the MD801 9-19, MD801 6-7, MD801 8-13, MD801 10-26, and MD801 13-37 models in several finishes, including OD/Cadmium and Electroless nickel. 

The connectors are available as plugs or receptacles with standard crimp, solder, and PC Tail terminations for board mount applications. They provide full performance in extreme environments with protection against cross mating and vibration. The shells, available in sizes 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 13, include jam nut receptacle, square flange receptacle and in-line plugs, which are compatible with leading competitive equivalents. Contact arrangements range from 1 to 130.

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