NEXT-SYSTEM utilizes Honda Technology to create a General-purpose Module AI-FIT

AI-FIT, a General-purpose Module Allows Users To Generate an Avatar According to Their Body Shape Including a Seating Simulation Application Using Pose Estimation AI Technology

NEXT-SYSTEM Co., Ltd. launched a project utilizing the technology of Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
By combining Honda’s technology, which calculates the length of limbs from skeletal estimation systems, with NEXT-SYSTEM’s AI pose estimation engine “VisionPose”, which detects a person’s skeletal information without attaching markers or other equipment to the body, a general-purpose module has been developed. This module automatically  measures the body size of the user through taking a picture with a smartphone, and adapts those measurements to an avatar (3DCG human body). The module will be available starting March 24, 2022.

What is the Automatic 3DCG Human Body Transformation Module “AI-FIT”?

This general-purpose module combines Honda’s technology and NEXT-SYSTEM’s pose estimation AI technology to automatically transform an avatar (3DCG of the human body) so that it matches the user’s body shape. The user only has to take a picture of their whole body with a smartphone camera, and the module will automatically measure the size of 11 areas in their body, such as the legs, arms, and waist.

Automatic 3DCG Human Body Transformation Module

“AI-FIT” also includes a sample application that can visually simulate the pose of the user while seated on a chair or other object, allowing them to check the percentage of ground contact of their feet when sitting. The application is customizable and can be applied in a variety of fields and industries, including furniture manufacturing, since other than chairs, the seating object can be changed to car seats, sofas, etc.

Customizable Parts

  • 3DCG model of the human body
  • 3DCG model of the chair
  • Reference point for each body part when seated

Automatic 3DCG Human Body Transformation Module “AI-FIT” Product Information

Price: 198,000YEN(tax excluded)
Package Contents:

  • AI-FIT Module (Sample App included)
  • Manual