Miniature Size Position Sensor for Military and Industrial Applications

Vishay Intertechnology, introduced a new miniature position sensor with a small 12.7 mm outer diameter that delivers higher accuracy and resolution than competing devices in the same size while offering increased reliability and durability for the harsh operating environments of military and industrial applications. The Vishay MCB RAME012 rotational absolute magnetic encoder uses advanced contactless technology to achieve > 11-bit accuracy and 14-bit resolution while maintaining robustness against external magnetic fields, airborne pollution, vibration, mechanical shock, and changes in temperature. The device features a useful electrical angle of 360° and works over a temperature range of -40 °C to +105 °C.

The body design of the RAME012 — as well as its on-axis design, slim diameter, and light weight (< 11 g) — make it ideal for applications where little space is available, but an angular position needs to be detected with high accuracy. The device is available in a single-turn variant featuring an SSI output signal, with other mechanical and electrical interfaces also available on request.

With its SSI output and excellent performance / size ratio, the position sensor released today offers a perfect replacement for potentiometers in missile guidance systems, gimbals for optical balls and missile seekers, positioning systems for small industrial actuators (servo drives), and the multidimensional mechanical measurement of surfaces using 3D probes.