Top AI Tools To Check For Plagiarism in 2022

Top AI Tools To Check For Plagiarism

AI-based tools are assisting writers all around the globe. So, which of them are ideal for detecting plagiarism?

There are many tools today which can help you detect duplicity in your content. However, not all of them are free nor effective in finding plagiarism in any text. That’s why it’s necessary for a writer to check for AI-based tools that allow them to scan their content easily.

However, finding such tools is a hassle, and not many websites or blogs care about it. That’s why around 30% of all the web pages on the internet have duplicate content on them. So, it’s your job and responsibility as a writer to avoid that.

So, where do you find assistance for that? With the help of AI-based tools. But first, we must understand what AI tools for checking plagiarism are and how they work. So, let’s get started.

What Do AI-Based Plagiarism Checkers Do?

Any AI-based plagiarism checker’s primary job is to scan your content for duplicity or plagiarism. While in the foreground, you will see an editor where you paste or upload your content. In the background, a variety of key essentials work to make this possible.

Such elements include:

  • AI-Based machine learning to read and scan your content
  • Access to the internet and other databases to compare & find duplicity
  • Manifest the detected plagiarism in the form of percentages
  • Granting the user links of matched URLs and pages

These are the four most common traits of any plagiarism checker today. However, some plagiarism checkers depend on delivering a full report of detected duplicity. But, most tools today will help you analyze the scanned content alongside the detected similarities.

But what’s the use of percentage? Any percentage of plagiarism in your content is unacceptable. Therefore, if your content has a specific percentage of duplicity, it might belong to one particular category. Such as:

  • Complete/Total plagiarism – which would be around 80-100% of duplicity
  • Mosaic or patchwork, which is around 20-30% of duplicity

Therefore, it’s imperative to analyze the percentage provided by such programs. Mainly because you need to identify the type of plagiarism you’re dealing with to remove it effectively.

Top 5 AI Tools To Check For Plagiarism In 2022

Finding an AI-based plagiarism checker isn’t a difficult task – if you know how to use Google. However, finding a tool that ensures scanning every corner of the internet to detect plagiarism is the real challenge.

Therefore, a quick and convenient tool should be your priority, but other elements should be too, such as:

  • Free usage
  • Extensive word-count allowance
  • Plagiarism percentage
  • URL finder

Therefore, keeping these things in mind, here are the five best AI-based plagiarism checkers you can use in 2022:

1.    PrePostSEO’s Plagiarism Checker makes many incredible tools, but the plagiarism checker by this website stands out to be their best offering for writers. It’s a guess, but one could tell their primary audience is the one that uses their plagiarism checker.

Once you open the tool, you can see why it’s so popular among writers today:

The tool doesn’t offer any flashy options or over-the-top abilities. However, this plagiarism checker’s simplicity and to-the-point approach is what makes it the number one on this list.

Besides that, for a premium level of service, you get 1000-words every time you check using this tool. Moreover, you can extend that limit by signing up for free, which would grant you 5000-words a day.

All these factors make it a must-have for writers today, as this tool cannot go wrong in checking plagiarism.

2.    Plagiarism Detector By Check-Plagiarism plagiarism detector is perhaps one of the best checkers available today. The thing that caught our eye was this tool’s 2000-word limit, which is unmatched by any other free plagiarism checker.

The plagiarism detector employs an extensive database, which ensures that that scours through every word possible to find duplicity in your content.

On top of that, you can pick the URLs and websites you wish for it to exclude in its scan. The tool’s speed is also commendable, as it can scan thousands of words within a minute or two.

Therefore, if your priority is finding a tool that offers speed and extensive word count, then you cannot go wrong with Check-Plagiarism.

3.    Plagiarism Remover’s Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism Remover’s duplicity finder or plagiarism checker has all the necessities you need in a checker. It’s one of the premier tools you can find when looking for a plagiarism finder. What makes it ideal in all the key aspects?

  • It offers a simple yet stellar UI design
  • It uses the latest AI algorithms
  • It employs the latest techniques in finding content duplicity

And you get to check plagiarism in various languages such as Dutch, French, Spanish, and German. Therefore, if you’re an ESL writer, then you can use it for content besides just English text.

As for the tool’s UI, it doesn’t offer any extensive options besides language selection. You can either paste your content or upload the document file that you wish to scan for plagiarism.

4.    PLText.Com – Plagiarism Checker

PLText.Com enters the fray with its simple yet effective plagiarism finder. The deep-finding techniques employed by this checker ensure that your content is scanned thoroughly for any duplicity.  

However, lack of file upload or URL inclusion might not be ideal for some. This means you have to manually paste your content – regardless of the length. But, that doesn’t hinder the quality of this plagiarism checker’s abilities.

5.    Plagium.Com

For shorter length or paragraph checking, is the best bet. This duplicity finder allows only around 1000-characters. However, you can increase that if you choose to get the premium version.

As for its free version’s ability, there are no doubts. It effectively scans your content and analyzes all the databases on the internet for similarities in your content.


These are the best AI-based tools you can use to check for plagiarism in 2022. Therefore, all these tools provide something from length-based requirements to quick use. Thus, it depends on which one suits your need the most.