WIN SOURCE – Your Online Store for Obsolete & Common-used Electronic parts

The ever-increasing popularity of Electronics E-commerce Websites has changed the traditional way of shopping for Electronic Components by making it more feasible with one click. Today you can buy everything online in one go with a wide range of options available in the market without spending your time on being in a queue.

There are many websites selling Electronic Components online but you need to be careful about the purchase of your product. What if the supplier or seller is selling the duplicate parts and you may end up with problematic components. So, before buying anything you really need to do some research online and look for the authorized distributor that can fulfil all your needs in time while providing the original components with no compromise in product quality and durability.

The rapid change in technology is making the availability of obsolete electronic components more difficult and sourcing them is such a cumbersome task. But there is no need to worry as WIN Source is your all-in-one online electronic components store that offers a wide range of obsolete and common-used electronic parts with great quality at competitive prices.

If you are an electronic engineering designer, electronic circuit developer, an engineering student, and an enthusiast, then WIN Source is the right place for you. At WIN Source you can get the latest electronic components in the market with electronic tutorials, including the obsolete, end-of-life, and hard-to-find components.

Headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong (China), WIN Source is a customer-focused distributor, offering 1M+ electronic obsolete & common-used parts. The company provides the widest selection of the in-stock electronic parts and has more than 500,000 SKUs of Inventory at their warehouse, ready to be shipped on the same day with 365 Days Guaranty.

At WIN Source, you can get circuit protection components, capacitors, Interconnects, Discrete semiconductor products, Filters, Integrated Circuits (ICs), Isolators, Optoelectronics, and Power Supplies – Board Mount products, Resistors and Relays, RF/IF, and much more at cost-effective prices.

Here are some of the reasons why you should buy Electronic Components from WIN SOURCE.

  • Authentic Inventory: Buying Original and Authentic Components is the most important thing to be kept in mind as it helps in constituting a successful circuit. Without authenticity, there is an increased chance of circuit failure. WIN Source is a trustworthy distributor selling original and authentic Electronic Components of incredibly high quality.

    WIN Source possesses a strict set of testing standards with advanced inspecting equipment. Before entering inventory, all the components are shipped to WIN SOURCE Quality Testing Center for inspection and quality testing. After passing the inspection the components are then shipped to the end customers.
  • Cost-effective Purchasing: Cost is one of the factors a buyer looks for before purchasing any product. AtWIN Source, a buyer can buy high-quality parts with a cost-effective solution.
    A more competitive price reduces the procurement cost. WIN Source satisfies this requirement by investigating market requirements at every moment with accurate information for procurement. Customers can acquire a more competitive price and a long-term available inventory by a large number of purchases.
  • Obsoleted & Hard-to-Find Components: Obsolete & hard-to-find electronic parts are difficult to find with authenticity and quality. At WIN SOURCE, a buyer can acquire authentic and reliable sources in hard-to-find (EOL) parts. WIN Source has the supply-chain expertise to resolve the material shortages and instantly connect available inventory with each customer’s shortage in their time of need, thus saving the customer time.
  • People-oriented Service providing 24 hours Delivery: AtWIN Source Parts in stock are always available for immediate delivery which means there are no lead times for in-stock products. The company has more than 500,000 products in stock that are ready to be shipped from the warehouses.
  • 365 days Warranty on components: WIN Source provides 365days Warranty on the electronic components. If there is something wrong with the product delivered by the company, it can accept the replacement or return of the product only if the terms and conditions of the warranty are fulfilled.
  • Customer-focused distributor and Innovation-Driven: WIN Source is a customer-focused distributor providing the best services to their customers from immediate availability of the product to on-time shipping with the best support service, etc. Their core principle is to consistently meet or exceed their customers’ expectations. The company is consistently inventing and innovating by creating tools to satisfy the requirements of customers immediately.
  • Resolving the Counterfeit Issue: WIN Source has an Anti-Counterfeit Policy to resolve the Counterfeit Issues. Through their strict avoidance, mitigation, and disposition processes, they avoid the counterfeit product into the supply chain, thus ensuring that their customers are receiving authorized and genuine components.
  • 24/7 Self-Service Shopping facility: The company delivers a liberated, self-service shopping experience to its customers. A buyer can search and order components regardless of the time of day or the location of the parts, rather than waiting for someone to get back with a response.
  • WIN Source Best-in-class Search Engine: The best-in-class search and e-procurement engine enables to find and buy parts quickly and easily while managing the buyer-specific account information effectively. Buyers can not only upload the Parts List to get Information on the Stock but also can be answered immediately about the queries.

The company adheres to the excellent quality of electronic components. From order entry, customer service, picking, purchasing, receiving, shipping, and inventory, all the operations at WIN SOURCE are ISO9001& ISO14001 & ISO45001 & AS9120B certified. The company’s Core values, Quality policy, Customer-focused approach, and Innovation-driven business philosophy make it the best place to shop for all you need with authenticity.

One must be very careful in choosing the online portal and always look for a genuine distributor who has a vast collection and provides you with detailed information of the products, before you buy anything. Therefore, Shop with WIN SOURCE, a trusted online electronic components store and create a wonderful experience of your purchase and never get any issues during and even after the purchase.