In the modern world of technology, we are surrounded by many electronic devices and gadgets such as smartphones, laptops, computers and smartwatches etc. These electronic devices have become an important part of our lives and we come across them multiple times in our daily activities. But, have you ever wondered, what are the foundational building blocks of all these modern electronic devices that we use today, the core component of the electronic gadgets, the heart of their design?

The silent workhorses that keep your devices running on the tracks are the PCBs, without which our modern world of technology would stop dead and cold in their tracks. The term PCB stands for the Printed Circuit Board whichis one of the most crucial parts of an electronic device and is used either for domestic or for industrial purposes.

It is a board made of insulating laminate materials and fiberglass with conductive pathways printed or etched on it for the flow of current or electrical conductivity. It provides the mechanical support for electronic components which are soldered to the board onto metal pads, and are connected to circuitry of the board allowing components to be interconnected.

We rely on our electronic devices and so we depend on PCBs. As technology and consumer demand is developing and growing rapidly, so must PCBs. Today the demands on Printed Circuit Boards have also risen due to modern technology which is making the increasing miniaturization of integrated circuits and smaller layout dimension possible. According to a report the global PCB market is expected to surpass $75 Billion by 2027.

This core electronic component has its unique functionality and design. A high quality of PCB determines the quality of all the electronic devices. The quality of a PCB is determined by a number of factors such as PCB Design, Layout, Components, Materials, Manufacturing Process and Facility etc. Therefore one must look for each and every aspect before pursuing design finalization, fabrication and should choose the right manufacturer that can bring life to your PCB Design.

If you are an engineer or a PCB designer, looking for the manufacturer who can provide you with the high quality of Printed Circuit Boards with authenticity, cost-effectiveness, best services and quickest possible lead time, then you are at the right place as PCBWay is your all-in-one professional PCB manufacturer to fulfil all your requirements.

PCBWAY is one of the most experienced and leading player in the PCB industry, specialized in PCB Prototyping, Batch Production, PCB Design and PCB Assembly. Headquartered in Hangzhou, Zhejiang (China), PCBWAY is the professional PCB manufacturer and SMT Assemblers having high-quality PCB R&D and manufacturing facility with a plant area of 80,000 square meters located in Shenzhen, China. The company caters the needs of their customers from different industries in the world and provide Quality assurance & Cost-effective solutions.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider buying PCB from PCBWAY?

  • Quality assurance: Quality plays a very important role before buying the product you are looking for. PCBWAY has a strong quality-controlled ecosystem which ensures that the customer get excellent quality PCBs with no compromise on quality. The company has ISO9001, ISO14001, TS16949, UL, RoHS certification and follow stringent inspection and quality control. At PCBWay, all the boards go through Quality Inspection and Functional testing very closely.
  • Cost-effective: PCBWay gives cost-effective solutions to their customers as you can get access to direct order placement at their website. From time to time they also runs various discount offers. As right now they are running an offer to get TG150 and TG160 PCB and a lucky draw on their 8th Anniversary. They also offers special discounts for standard PCBs, which costs around only $5 for 10 PCBs, within 100x100mm. Along with it they also save the time and money as there is no middle-men and brokerage, as a result the cost of manufacture also declines.
  • Fair Pricing: They offer fair pricing which means their pricing structure is transparent with no hidden cost in it.Many price-sensitive customers such as students depend on PCBWay for their PCB prototype, low-volume fabrication and assembly requirements as well as small projects.
  • PCB & PCBA under One Roof: Along with PCB fabrication, the company provides PCB Prototype assembly under its PCBA service domain for low-mid volume production and Prototype quantities. The PCBWAY assembly service offer Mixed Assembly, SMT Assembly, Through-Hole Assembly, Electro Mechanical Assembly, BGA Assembly, and Rigid Flex PCB Assembly Services.
  • Instant quoting: The best user interface, instant quoting platform of PCBWAY help a buyer to get pricing instantly or within 1 hour. Through online self-quote-order system you can get your quote in seconds without going through a tedious process. All you need is to upload a Gerber file and receive the pricing details, lead time and design-for-manufacturing feedback instantly.
  • Fast Production & High delivery rate: PCBWAY offers 24 hours production lead-time. Their team of dedicated professional engineers and technicianswork in three shiftsfor getting your PCB inyour desk in the best quality and quickest possible lead time.
  • Production Online tracking: PCBWay offers real-time tracking of the production status of your entire order, right from the starting till the end. You can get full-line tracking details of your order starting from pricing, payment, production, delivery and receipt of goods.
  • On-time Shipping & Worldwide delivery: The Company has a record of keeping an on-time delivery rate of 99%. It provides the worldwide delivery of PCBs and uses courier services from reputable companies. A customer may choose DHL and other courier services for the speed and budget.
  • Ensure transparency: At PCBWay, the payment options are fool-proof and safe with encryption keys and authentication.
  • Minimum quantities requirements: There is no minimum requirement of purchasing a huge order. You may order as small as 5pcs of PCB from the company as per your need.
  • Assistance service: PCBWayhas 24 hours consultative customer service and support team who can assist you at the time of your need. If you have any problem, you can reach out to a live customer service person who will respond to your emails or messages immediately.
  • Expert DFM Feedback: You can get free engineering file review service of your orders from the trained and professional technicians of PCBWay before you pay in the timeliest manner.
  • Return and Refund: PCBWay offers easy return and refund policy under certain conditions. You can ask for compensation if the PCB or assembled boards you have received are not usable due to the company’s fault. In that case you can get refund to your account directly or the amount gets credited to your PCBWay account to pay for your next orders in the future.

Hence, PCBWAY is the one destination for all your PCB needs, right from the process of ordering all the components, PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly, testing and final shipment. The company assures world-class services to its customers, dealers and manufacturers and also provide various offers time-to-time. Getting a custom made PCB with affordable pricing, quality and reliability in less time is very challenging, but PCBWAY makes it possible. Therefore, make your project’s success and bring life to your design with the support of PCBWAY.