Infineon’s OPTIGA Trust M first to receive CLS-Ready certification

OPTIGA Trust M from Infineon Technologies AG is the first security platform to receive the CLS-Ready certification from the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA). As the number of IoT devices increases, so does the number of cyberattacks worldwide. However, the security of Internet of Things (IoT) and Internet of Thinking Things (IoTT) devices is very frequently overlooked until it is too late and attackers manage to compromise the devices. To address the increasing cybersecurity threats, the CSA launched the Cybersecurity Labeling Scheme (CLS) in 2020.

Based on four levels, CLS rates consumer IoT devices depending on their ability to withstand cyberattacks. This labeling provides end users with a visible security rating and helps them to easily identify products with higher security without having to deal with security jargon and specifications.

The new CLS-Ready initiative makes it easier for smart product manufacturers – especially for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and manufacturers of products and systems not traditionally related to security – to meet the requirements for the highest CLS Level 4 by simplifying the labeling process. Within the CLS-Ready initiative, smart product manufacturers can adopt hardware components, known as CLS-Ready platforms, that have passed the tests required for CLS Level 4 and integrate them into their commercial products. Therefore, any product built on a CLS-Ready platform can rely on the platform’s existing certification to meet CLS Level 4 requirements.

Being the first security platform with CLS-Ready certification, Infineon’s OPTIGA Trust M helps customers save costs and time for extensive testing and can reduce technical and economic risks. As the platform security functions are implemented by Infineon and tested by accredited independent security laboratory under the CLS scheme, the OPTIGA Trust M will provide a higher level of security for smart product manufacturers as compared to designing everything themselves from scratch.

More and more manufacturers worldwide will be able to benefit from the CLS-Ready certified OPTIGA Trust M, as the mutual recognition of the CLS by different countries further increases the global acceptance of the label. Finland, for example, launched its cybersecurity labeling scheme around November 2021. In 2021, both countries reached an agreement on mutual recognition of their cybersecurity labels – a very positive sign for wider adoption of CLS worldwide.

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