Smart Parking Technologies |There is a continued rise in the demand for parking spaces. This situation has led cities across the world to implement smart parking solutions.

The integration of modern technology into parking services has resulted in the creation of various innovative parking solutions. For example, rent parking space from Secure Parking offers people modern parking services, such as early bird and flexible parking.

Today, smart technologies have made significant progress in the parking industry. Innovative technologies have allowed people to book and locate secure parking spaces and get real-time updates on crucial parking information.

Examples of progressive, smart parking solutions include automated and green parking spaces. 

This article discusses and gives examples of how technologies innovate car parks. Learn more about how smart parking solutions can affect your parking experience.

Smart Parking Technology

Smart parking technology refers to the integration of computing and telecommunication technologies into parking services. Another term for the network of computing devices is the Internet of Things (IoT).

The IoT system of communicative devices has a huge potential for changing the parking industry. For instance, there are many places today where drivers can book parking spots ahead of time and check for other vacant parking spaces online. 

Suppose you are in a city that has a well-integrated intelligent parking solution. In that case, you will be able to check the availability of a parking space before you even arrive at the parking lot.

Examples of Smart Parking Technology

Below are some examples of smart parking technology today.

Automatic Parking

Automated parking is an intelligent parking system that involves dollies maneuvering cars to vacant parking slots. This innovative solution can save valuable space because the dolly moves and stores the automobiles closer together and in higher densities.

Moreover, some parking spaces use recognition technologies instead of paper tickets. This recognition device can also generate detailed reports for the car park owner, including the average parking time a car spends and the number of vehicles that use the parking lot.

Green Parking Technology

Car parks also followed the trend by using green parking technologies in line with the transition towards electric vehicles and lower emissions. This innovation includes solar power canopies acting as the car park’s roof. 

The canopy’s primary practical applications are to charge any electric vehicles parked beneath it and to keep cars from being too warm during the summer.

You may visit the St. Ives Park & Ride in Cambridgeshire to see one of the largest parking spaces in the United Kingdom that uses environmentally friendly technologies.

Robotics and Self-Driving Cars

Some think automated vehicles are a significantly more futuristic answer to parking issues. 

However, many vehicles now in production have park assist technology installed instead. Moreover, these automobiles are less expensive than you might expect.

With park assist technology, you can park your car more efficiently. This innovation also enables parking spaces to maneuver cars closer safely.

On the other hand, it seems likely that fully autonomous vehicles will be available in the future. If self-driving cars become the new standard, cities, particularly their parking spaces, may undergo significant changes.

Some experts suggest that the public should share robotic vehicles than have a few private individuals own them.

Shared robotic cars can help reduce the number of automobiles on the road and could even do away with the need for parking facilities, similar to the ride-sharing model car rental services use.

Benefits of Smart Parking Technology

Cities may get many other rewards from adopting smart parking technology. One of the most significant benefits would be the technology’s positive environmental impact.

Here are other positive effects of implementing innovative parking solutions:

  • Technology-based parking solutions will tell you how many spots are available and locate the best, closest, open parking spot, which can decrease traffic and time spent in the parking lot.
  • Fewer vehicles circle the parking lot in search of a place before leaving because of this technology, reducing congestion.
  • According to studies, searching for a parking spot can burn one million barrels of oil daily.

Smart parking spaces can help reduce environmental issues because innovative technology can more quickly locate an optimal parking spot.

  • Smart parking solutions can give city councils and car owners information that traditional parking spaces cannot provide. This information may include the average number of vehicles, the busiest hours of the day, and whether or not the parking lot needs to expand.
  • With smart parking technologies in place, businesses may have more options.

For example, with the development of contactless and smartphone applications for parking machine technology, parking lot owners might construct a tier-type system to enhance revenue.

Another related benefit will be if someone wishes to park closer to the entrance of a neighboring retail center.

Future smart parking innovations and technologies are more critical than ever because of the growing population and increasing number of cars. 

Consequently, the need to streamline this parking process will lead to less congestion in our cities, more free time during the day, and—most importantly—less pollution and environmental harm.


1. Internet of Things(IoT)

2. Will we see Smart Parking Technology in the foreseeable future?

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