HODL Or Mining: Is Bitcoin Mining Worth It In 2022?

What is Bitcoin Mining | The world of cryptocurrency is unusually large and interesting, which attracts just a huge number of new people. It is not surprising, because in this sphere there are many opportunities that allow earning a lot of money. It is possible to do trading, use the volatility of the market and make a profit. You can also make long-term investments called HODLs. And of course, there is a great opportunity to mine, in other words, to invest in equipment or crypto mining host in order to participate in the bitcoin production process itself.

However, there are a lot of questions, for example, which of these directions is the most promising or the most reliable? What to resort to for faster results and so on. In this article, we will deal with these questions in detail and also answer the most important one. Is it worth investing in cryptocurrency mining and is it as profitable as it was before?

What is Bitcoin Mining?

Mining is the attachment of blocks in which information about transactions is stored. As a result, they form a continuous and consistent chain: the blockchain. To join a block, it is necessary to solve a certain mathematical problem by deciphering the algorithm of the cryptocurrency. If the equipment finds the correct answer, its owner receives a reward in the form of digital coins.  At the same time, the more people aim to solve the problem, the more complicated the search for the right answer becomes.

Bitcoin miners use powerful devices to solve complex computational mathematical problems. This process is done using the “Proof-of-Work” consensus algorithm, which is the basis of the Bitcoin blockchain. Miners confirm and verify transactions and are rewarded for doing so (in the form of BTC). This ensures that there are no double-spending and no fake transactions.

Changing the Requirements for Mining

Back when bitcoin first appeared, mining was usually done on personal computers. At that time, it was quite easy to get the rewards because miners already had the necessary equipment, so they did not need to invest money to get started. The competition was also pretty weak because not many people knew about cryptocurrency, much less mining it.

However, over time, the bar has risen significantly, which has led to an increase in the required computing power for cryptocurrency mining. This also made the costs required for efficient mining very high, which meant that individuals could rarely compete with the new standard. Moreover, it was at this time that bitcoin mining hosts with incredibly powerful equipment began to appear.

Now, if you want to become a miner, you can hardly do it at home. This would require investing a lot of money in equipment, space, cooling, and so on. But there is a way out, now you can take advantage of cloud mining or you can resort to the help of mining hostings. This way you can not only save money but also get the first results much faster.

Why Mining is the Best Option?

It is important to understand that mining is in some way the most reliable way to make money in the world of cryptocurrencies. To understand this, let’s break down the other two ways and remember their disadvantages.

  • Trading

If we take trading as an example, this method uses the volatility of the market as an earner. Traders practice strict risk management to be consistent. As you can already understand, it will be quite difficult for beginners here in terms of experience and knowledge. You can simply lose all your money at any time. If you don’t understand much about it, it can be compared to an elementary lottery.

  • HODL

If we resort to HODL, it’s a little easier. As we said before, investors here are working for the long term and believe that the price will rise markedly for many years, so they don’t trade bitcoin – they just hold it. This method is easier than trading, but there is one little nuance. How much do you think investors lost when bitcoin crashed below $20,000? Yes, these situations do happen in the cryptocurrency world, nobody is safe from it.

  • Mining

As for directly mining, it is almost a win-win method, but it requires considerable investment. Here you mine bitcoin yourself, you are not tied to volatility and do not depend on anyone. All you need is equipment and space, and in the case of cloud mining, nothing at all except the initial capital to invest. Even in some critical situations, you have the option to terminate the contract or sell the equipment, which will already compensate you for a large amount of damage. If you don’t want to strain yourself, you can use the services of a mining hosting service where the whole process will be controlled by professionals, and you will have remote access to the equipment.

Final Thoughts

As you can understand, mining is the backbone of the entire crypto industry, without which it will be quite difficult. It has and will always be in demand, its popularity is constantly at a high level. By engaging in mining, people not only get BTC as rewards, but they also secure the network and validate transactions, which makes them one of the most important parts of the Bitcoin puzzle. So if you have any doubts about whether it’s profitable to engage in mining now, discard them. However, you should always remember that there will always be a risk, even if it is not as big as in other areas of the crypto business.

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