Nicomatic small, lightweight custom designs connectors help F1 cars stay on track

Nicomatic small lightweight custom designs connectors

Nicomatic’s high performance connectors are designed to withstand the rigours of extreme environments and have an enviable and proven record in space applications, aerospace, avionics, oil and gas, transportation and many other places subject to extremes.

Now Nicomatic, the leading manufacturer of high-performance interconnect systems, is in demand in another sector where extremes are the norm – that of motorsport.  The company’s engineers are currently working with multiple Formula 1 teams designing custom connectors and small modules to ensure ultra-reliable signal and power integrity in the latest-generation cars for this fast-paced sport.  Designs based on customised 2mm pitch CMM and 1.27mm pitch EMM Series interconnects, which are both highly modular, save space and even more vitally in F1 cars, weight, while at the same time ensuring reliable signal and power integrity under high-vibration and heat conditions.   Standard series CMM connectors, for example, save up to 60% space and up to 50% weight compared to other standard rectangular connectors with the same functionalities.  The EMM Series is 40% smaller than CMM and integrates features such as reversed contacts and 90° back protection.  

Custom solutions are a Nicomatic speciality, with over 1,000 completed every year by its engineers to solve customer challenges and deliver an optimum performance solution.  The company uses modular manufacturing methods and has a dedicated custom-manufacturing area in its French factory.  Custom designs can be supplied in short lead times with no minimum order value.