Connector specialist Nicomatic SA acquires its Swedish distributor

Connector specialist Nicomatic SA has acquired its Swedish distributor Accurate after a 20-year partnership.  This external growth marks the beginning of a new model, using the Scandinavian company’s existing consultancy expertise and accelerating the development of integrated electronic systems in partnership with a powerful local ecosystem.

This merger will not only provide Nicomatic’s clients with solutions, it will also help them with their integration through a more global approach involving data exploration, jobs transformation, change management and Industry 4.0. This approach, dear to Nicomatic, encourages reindustrialisation, incorporating local manufacturing and research with neighbouring players, as part of an open innovation philosophy. If the strategy is successful in Sweden, it will be reproduced in France and in Nicomatic’s ecosystem worldwide.

On 15 and 16 September, the Nicomatic and Accurate teams met in Stockholm to celebrate the merger and embark upon the first business meetings as a single united company.

  • Nicomatic (500 employees) is a French family group with 14 subsidiaries worldwide. It is managed by brothers Olivier and Julien Nicollin. It is known for its connectors sold in industry and aerospace sectors across the globe. The company from Haute-Savoie truly draws on its regional ecosystem for research and production.
  • Accurate (30 employees), including Accurate Nordic and Accurate Consulting, was founded in 2003 and is run by Per Häglund and Peter Åkesson.