VIAVI Showcases Advanced Test Solutions at ECOC 2022

As optical fiber networks adopt higher speed technologies to enable continued increases and dynamic reordering of network capacity, Viavi Solutions is showcasing test solutions at ECOC 2022 in Basel, Switzerland.

Optical Transport Network (G.709) Performance

OTN transceivers will help manufacturers address growing demand for aggregation, cross connect and switching solutions while enabling a versatile multi-service capability. The architecture supports aggregation and advanced bandwidth management using protected and secure data paths. The VIAVI experience testing high-speed OTN data rates with coherent line-side transponders has provided the foundation to quickly deliver client-side OTN testing solutions.

Accelink, a global manufacturer of optoelectronic devices and modules, will be showcasing client-side OTN transceivers at its Booth #305, and demonstrating performance at VIAVI Booth #301, using the VIAVI ONT-800 platform. QSFP28 transceivers support OTN at 100 Gbps, and QSFP-DD transceivers support OTN at 400 Gbps. The ONT-800 allows Accelink to showcase OTN applications including OTU4 (100 Gbps), OTUC8 (OTUCn up to a full 800 Gbps, 8×100 Gbps or 2×400 Gbps), and a 4 * OTU4 (100 Gbps) breakout via QSFP-DD.

“VIAVI was the first test and measurement provider with a solution that could test all required data rates and related services of our OTN-based pluggable modules,” said Biao Wang, General Manager, Accelink. “The ONT-800 is a proven platform, respected in the industry that gives us confidence our modules are performing as engineered.”

OIF Interoperability Showcase

VIAVI will participate in a multi-vendor interoperability event hosted by OIF in Booth #701. Specifically, the VIAVI ONT-800 platform will be used to test Common Management Interface Specification (CMIS) performance capabilities of 400G QSFP-DD ZR (long range) optical transceiver modules in a range of operating conditions likely to be encountered in actual deployment. According to OIF, this 400ZR interop demo shows a full implementation across an 80km DWDM ecosystem using multiple form-factor pluggable modules, 400GbE routers, 75 GHz C-band open line system, and test equipment solutions from multiple vendors—providing evidence of widescale 400ZR deployment readiness based on a broad ecosystem of interoperable solutions.

FiberComplete PRO

As fiber rollouts progress around the world, service providers have been challenged with finding trained staff with the experience to support the qualification of fiber networks. This has led to operational inefficiencies, rollout delays and increased costs. It has also led to less accurate certification methodologies as service providers have had to compromise to certify networks in time.

FiberComplete PRO is a fiber test solution with a suite of capabilities which replaces six test instruments. It is the first single test port solution that fully automates all the fiber qualification tests required for the construction and certification of any type of fiber optic network. New capabilities being showcased at ECOC include:

·         Support for high-fiber count projects with integration of Cable-SLM and MPO switch modules

·         Tracking of large projects with no need for separate spreadsheets, with support for fiber counts up to 9996 (833 x 12MPO)

·         Reduced test time for multi-fiber and MPO bundles with automatic sequencing of bi-directional test (including TrueBIDIR OTDR analysis) with no manual switching between fibers

·         At-a-glance view of project progress with Cable and SmartGrid views plus pass/fail status.