Infineon delivers next-gen CIRRENT IoT Network Intelligence SaaS offering

To optimize product development with Intelligent Data

At OktoberTech 2022, Infineon Technologies AG is bringing digitalization to the edge-from-the-cloud. The company announced the next generation of its Software as a Service (SaaS) offering, Infineon’s CIRRENT IoT Network Intelligence (INI) – a cloud SaaS offering that helps IoT developers quickly and cost-effectively gather information about their products to increase reliability, improve product performance, and reduce support cost.

Product and development teams use the service to identify, monitor and solve customer and product problems faster. The CIRRENT Agent embedded software can be deployed in new products or rolled out over-the-air to existing fleets, and then devices report data into the CIRRENT Cloud. Development teams can use the online console with new artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to analyze product data and get new insights into product performance in the field.

“The Internet of Things enables unprecedented visibility into products in the field, but too many IoT product companies lack both the data and tools to look at the data,” said Rob Conant, Vice President of Software and Ecosystem, Infineon. “Infineon’s CIRRENT INI gives developers the ability to quickly gather data on their products in the field with dashboards and tools that provide actionable insights to solve problems and help drive strategic product development. This is just one example of Infineon’s digitalization efforts to help our customers make better products.”

“Our product development challenge was to bring our outdoor security camera quickly to market, focusing on product differentiation,said Darrell Holigan, Director of Engineering at SimpliSafe. “With Infineon’s CIRRENT INI, we were able to quickly gather data and monitor performance and optimize our devices to meet our customer needs. Data is a critical part of our customer’s success and the console is an excellent source of organizing and analyzing that data.”

About the latest CIRRENT IoT Network Intelligence features

Infineon’s CIRRENT IoT Network Intelligence (INI) is a SaaS-based offering that includes the CIRRENT Agent embedded software, cloud data storage and analysis. CIRRENT INI also includes an online web-based console to deliver data-driven product development to improve user experience, decrease returns and increase sales.

The INI service processes more than a billion data points per day, and recently introduced new features including artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to accelerate data analysis and meaningful insights for problem verification and resolution.

CIRRENT INI is pre-integrated with Infineon solutions, including AIROC™ Wi-Fi chips, AIROC Cloud Connectivity Manager, and CIRRENT Cloud ID. ModusToolbox™ developers can easily integrate the CIRRENT Agent embedded software with pre-integrated libraries and sample applications. CIRRENT INI comes out-of-the box with 25 built-in events and attributes, and are extendable to custom events, attributes, and measurements specifically tuned for the customer’s application/environment.


Infineon’s CIRRENT INI can be deployed on products using Wi-Fi, Ethernet or cellular connectivity and is available now at