Rohde & Schwarz & collaborate to provide telco-grade SDx leverages Rohde & Schwarz DPI engine R&S PACE 2 to power service provider SDx services with real-time application & threat awareness

ipoque GmbH, a Rohde & Schwarz company announced that its cutting-edge deep packet inspection (DPI) engine, R&S®PACE 2, has been selected by, an Israel-based provider of enterprise-grade software-defined connectivity solutions. The collaboration between both companies will enable real-time, advanced traffic insights for’s suite of cloud-based solutions powering service providers’ SDx services such as SD-WAN.

Rohde & Schwarz DPI engine R&S PACE 2

ipoque’s R&S®PACE 2 will be deployed in’s BeBroadband Edge software, the first-of-its-kind software-defined, cloud-based solution for secure network connectivity. BeBroadband offers service providers a highly flexible, hardware-agnostic platform that connects customers’ branch offices, data centers, campuses and headquarters. Its single orchestration platform enables service providers to commission, control and monitor connectivity across any number of customers and end devices across any network including IoT, GW, LAN, WAN and cloud. As an off-the-shelf solution, BeBroadband™ features zero-touch provisioning and can be integrated seamlessly into any cloud and edge infrastructure.

The deployment of Rohde & Schwarz R&S®PACE 2 introduces cutting-edge traffic filtering capabilities for BeBroadband. Leveraging metadata extraction and advanced traffic classification methodologies that include behavioral, heuristic and statistical analytics, R&SPACE 2 equips BeBroadband with granular traffic visibility up to layer 7 and beyond, allowing real-time identification of applications and service types. R&S®PACE 2 also comes with encrypted traffic intelligence (ETI), which uses machine learning, deep learning and high-dimensional data analysis to detect traffic flows and applications that are encrypted, obfuscated and anonymized.

Leveraging ipoque’s traffic classification, which boasts the highest accuracy rates in the industry, service providers deploying BeBroadband™ will have access to detailed information into traffic traversing their networks, across any number of links and connectivity type such as 5G, 4G, xDSL, broadband and MPLS. At the same time, real-time threat identification by R&S®PACE 2 equips BeBroadband™ nodes with information on suspicious or anomalous traffic flows, allowing service providers to pin down and remediate threats before they become endemic.

Insights from DPI will greatly enhance application-aware networking capabilities for BeBroadband™’s customers, said Dr. Martin Mieth, VP Engineering at ipoque. “This includes application-based routing, steering and prioritization policies as well as dynamic security rules implemented based on application risk profiles.” Leveraging the insights from R&SPACE 2, service providers can greatly optimize their network capacity, reduce complexities and enable higher efficiencies, leading to an improved network performance and a lower TCO. Fine-grained analytics can further assist service providers in improving application performance specifically for mission-critical applications.

The demand for next-generation, highly agile and flexible connectivity solutions increases constantly. The unlimited processing capacity of R&S®PACE 2 supports service providers deploying BeBroadband™ in tackling this demand, as it scales across any number of end devices and traffic flows. Its efficient memory and CPU utilization and a light form factor support leaner SDx implementations across both traditional and virtualized architectures. Real-time information from Rohde & Schwarz R&S®PACE 2 seamlessly integrates into BeBroadband™, supporting single orchestration for the entire network with end-to-end traffic visibility.

The collaboration between ipoque and is expected to deliver major synergies that arise from combining the world’s first software-defined connectivity solution designed for service providers with a renowned DPI engine that boasts more than 10 years of deployments. “Our collaboration with Rohde & Schwarz and implementation of R&S®PACE 2 will give service providers an opportunity to enhance their traffic management and security in a way that only a leader in deep packet inspection can enable on our platform,” said Moshe Levinson, CEO at

With fast-evolving connectivity needs across enterprises, insights powered by Rohde & Schwarz R&S®PACE 2 will enable to support highly intelligent and responsive networks that can effectively address today’s application usage and traffic behavior trends, threat landscapes and industry-specific needs. “With service provider network complexities growing day by day, can count on deep traffic intelligence provided by R&S®PACE 2 to deliver a highly scalable and customizable connectivity solution that is a cut above the rest,” added Mieth.