AAEON launched NanoCOM-EHL, a COM Express Type 10 CPU Module

The NanoCOM-EHL Brings the Intel Atom x6000E Series to the COM Express Type 10 Form Factor CPU Module

AAEON launched the NanoCOM-EHL, a COM Express Type 10 CPU Module, to its multiplatform range of products powered by Intel Atom x6000E, Celeron, and Pentium N and J series processors (formerly Elkhart Lake).

The NanoCOM-EHL utilizes power-efficient 12W Intel Atom, Pentium, and Celeron processors with onboard LPDDR4 system memory of up to 16GB on the compact 3.31” x 2.17” (84mm x 55mm) COM Express Type 10 form factor. The module also has the option of 64GB of onboard eMMC storage.

An impressive feat considering its small size is the NanoCOM-EHL’s capacity to host multiple expansion modules via its four PCIe slots, which when combined with its processing power and small form factor makes it suitable for semiconductor test equipment use.

In addition to its power and expandability are the I/O features it contains, with two high-speed (10Gbps) USB 3.2 slots, eight USB 2.0 slots, and a dual LVDS/eDP display output complimenting 2.5GbE and a high-definition audio output interface.

AAEON believe that given its low-power, feature-dense design, the NanoCOM-EHL gives customers an exceptional solution applicable to a number of markets, with smart transport being particularly targeted due to the product’s suitability for passenger information system and streaming control applications.

The NanoCOM-EHL is now in mass production, and pricing is available depending on SKU.

A COM Express Type 10 CPU Module

For more information about the NanoCOM-EHL, a COM Express Type 10 CPU Module please visit product page or contact an AAEON representative directly for pricing enquiries.