Pasternack expanded its 40 GHz fixed RF Attenuators with 2.92 mm Connectors

New 40 GHz Fixed RF Attenuators Feature 2.92 mm Connectors

Pasternack has expanded its line of 40 GHz fixed RF attenuators with 2.92 mm connectors that lower the amplitudes of signals in a wide variety of applications.

Pasternack’s 40 GHz attenuator pads are engineered for preventing signal overload in amplifiers, detectors and receivers and adjusting RF signal levels to an optimal range.

These 40 GHz fixed attenuators protect measurement equipment and other circuitry by reducing RF power. The attenuators increase the range of power meters and amplifiers and are capable of impedance-matching circuits because of their low VSWR seen by adjacent RF components.

These new RF attenuator models from Pasternack feature power ratings of 2 watts up to 40 GHz and provide attenuation levels of 0 to 10, 12, 15, 20 and 30 dB.

“The expansion of our 40 GHz RF fixed attenuator product line provides our customers with high-quality RF performance at a lower cost point compared to our existing variable attenuator product offering,” said Steven Pong, Senior Product Manager.

40 GHz fixed RF Attenuators

Pasternack’s new 40 GHz fixed RF attenuators are in-stock and ready for immediate shipment with no minimum order quantity.