Black-plated RF Connectors for Military & Public Safety applications

Amphenol RF Black-plated RF Connectors offer a discrete ruggedized solution for military & public safety applications

Amphenol RF expands line of Black-plated RF Connectors with SMA and N-Type configurations designed for low-loss LMR cable types. These zinc cobalt connectors are engineered with durable materials to offer up to 48 hours of corrosive resistance to salt spray exposure. Black plating is an excellent choice for applications in high demanding areas such as precision positioning systems, radar receivers, surveillance equipment and drones used to avoid enemy detection.

These rugged N-Type and SMA connectors terminate to a variety of flexible LMR cables which are capable of superior performance at higher frequencies. LMR cables are manufactured with a flexible outer conductor with allows for the tightest bend radius of any cable of similar size and performance. They have excellent insulation for above average RF shielding and also perform reliably in outdoor applications with UV resistant coating for a longer life expectancy.

Black-plated RF Connectors

The black plated N-Type connector is now available in straight bulkhead jack for LMR 240, and plug and jack configurations for LMR 400 cable. The SMA is available as a jack designed for the LMR 195 cable type. They are constructed with brass bodies and a black zinc cobalt finish. These connectors join a growing portfolio of alternative plated connectors and adapters which offer additional benefits over standard plated options.

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