Industry’s Highest Rated Power Shunt Resistors in 0508 Size Contributes to Greater Miniaturization – ROHM

The Power Shunt Resistors Lineup also expanded to include 2 updated general-purpose MCR series Shunt Resistors

ROHM has recently developed wide terminal Power Shunt Resistors , LTR10L. They are optimized for a variety of applications in the automotive, industrial, and consumer sectors, while also strengthening its considerable lineup with two updated general-purpose MCR series Power Shunt Resistors (MCR10L and MCR18L).

In recent years, high efficiency operation is required from the viewpoint of energy conservation – not only in battery-driven applications such as mobile devices and EVs, but in consumer and industrial equipment as well powered by electrical outlets. For high efficiency, it is important to accurately detect parameters such as current and voltage in order to operate devices optimally. This requires shunt resistors that combine high accuracy with high reliability current detection. At the same time, manufacturers of applications utilizing higher board densities are demanding even smaller shunt resistors. To meet these needs, the new LTR10L series delivers the industry’s highest rated power and best-in-class temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) in a compact 0508-size (0.5inch × 0.8inch) / 1220-size (1.25mm × 2.0mm) that contributes to both high reliability and greater miniaturization.

Improving the resistive element material and applying terminal temperature derating method allowed LTR10L to deliver an industry-leading 1W rated power in the 0508-size – 88% smaller than existing products. In addition, high-accuracy ±0.5% resistance tolerance has been achieved, together with best-in-class TCR and anti-sulfuration characteristics. These features make them ideal for applications exposed to harsh conditions, including telecommunication base stations requiring high durability and automotive LED headlamps that demand high accuracy current sensing along with long-term reliability. On the other hand, the MCR10L and MCR18L series of general-purpose shunt resistors utilize an improved element structure and materials to increase rated power to 0.5W and 0.75W, respectively, over their conventional MCR series rated power (0.25W). Higher rated power enables the same performance in a smaller size, contributing to product miniaturization.

Going forward, ROHM will continue to expand its lineup of resistors (its founding products) that leads to improved miniaturization and reliability while striving to ensure long-term stable supply.

Power Shunt Resistors LTR10L Lineup and Features
LTR10L Features

LTR10L Power Shunt Resistors is a 0508-size (0.5inch × 0.8inch) / 1220-size (1.25mm × 2.0mm) model with an industry-leading rated power of 1W. The lineup includes high accuracy (D Class) products that provide a resistance tolerance of 0.5% along with class-leading TCR, making them ideal for automotive LED headlamps and other applications requiring high accuracy current detection. At the same time, high sulfuration resistance enables suitability with telecommunication base stations requiring long-term reliability even when operating continuously in harsh outdoor environments and automotive powertrain where sulfuration from exposure to exhaust gases is a concern.

LTR10L Lineup

MCR10L / MCR18L Lineup and Features

MCR10L / MCR18L Features

The MCR10L (0.5W rated power) and MCR18L (0.75W rated power) are low-resistance models in the general-purpose MCR series. Power rating is not only significantly improved, but TCR as well compared with the conventional 0.25W rated MCR10 and MCR18. Additional updates include a revised element structure and materials that increase performance and allow us to continue to ensure stable supply.

MCR10L / MCR18L Lineup

Application Examples

The new products are ideal for a wide range of circuits requiring current detection for motors, batteries, and LCDs in the automotive, industrial equipment, and consumer device sectors

Online Sales Information

Pricing: $0.6/unit (samples, excluding tax)
Availability: Now (in mass production)

Online Distributors: Digi-Key, Mouser, and Farnell

These three series are offered in the following resistance values. (All units in mΩ) Additional resistance values will be added as needed.

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