Three Phase Bridge Power Modules in the Compact MTC Package

Produced at a Mumbai Assembly Site, 130 A to 300 A Devices Provide Excellent Thermal Behavior for Industrial Applications

Vishay Intertechnology introduced three new series of 130 A to 300 A Three Phase Bridge Power Modules in the ultra compact MTC package that deliver reliable operation for heavy-duty industrial applications. The Vishay Semiconductors devices are produced at the company’s assembly site in Mumbai, India, and are thus excluded from extra tariffs.

Three Phase Bridge Power Modules

The Three Phase Bridge Power Modules 130 A VS-131MT…C160 A VS-161MT…C, and 300 A VS-301MT…C series are optimized for line-frequency input rectification in welding machines, switch mode power supplies, plasma cutting, battery chargers, and motor control. The encapsulated devices offer a rugged design for these applications, while their highly conductive MTC package provides excellent thermal behavior.

Offering a simple screw-mount connection to reduce assembly time, each power module series released today is available with blocking voltages of 1600 V and 1800 V. The devices offer 3600 VRMS isolation voltage, low forward voltage down to 1.54 V, and low junction to case thermal resistance down to 0.038 °C/W. Designed and qualified for industrial-level applications, the RoHS-compliant solutions are UL-approved, file E78996.

Device Specification Table:

Part #IO (A)VRRM (V)VFM (V)RthJC (°C/W) per
RMS isolation voltage (V)Package

Samples of the new power modules are available now. Production quantities are available with lead times of 20 weeks.