4 Best Websites To Play Jigsaw Puzzles Online

If you are bored and looking for something to help you pass the time or just want to relax after a long tiring day at work, you can consider playing a jigsaw puzzle. Jigsaw puzzles have the ability to help you relax and have a great time.

The best thing about jigsaw puzzles is that most of them are absolutely free to play. Plenty of websites allow players to play jigsaw puzzles for free. This article has compiled a list of the best websites to play free jigsaw puzzles online. Let’s delve into them.

Websites To Play Jigsaw Puzzles Online

  1. Jigsaw Explorer

The Jigsaw Explorer is one of the best websites that allow players to play jigsaw puzzles for free online. Not only does it have amazing graphics and is clean, but it is also ad-free. You will also be able to tell the number of players playing a puzzle each day by just taking a look at the number below each jigsaw photo.

The site automatically saves your progress, so you can take a break and return anytime. What’s more, the site has a multiplayer mode that allows you to enjoy solving the jigsaw with friends and family. This app is quite flexible as it allows you to choose a puzzle according to the number of pieces and rotate them to fit into the photo.

  1. Jigsaw Planet

Another incredible site on our list that allows you to play jigsaw puzzles online is Jigsaw Planet. This is one of those apps with a modern interface. And the best thing is that you can easily play the jigsaw puzzles without cluttering the app.

This app allows you to make your jigsaw puzzles by uploading an image. Then you can set the number of tiles as well as their shape. Besides, you can use the ghost image if you find it a bit challenging to place the jigsaw pieces.

  1. JigZone

This site is one of the best sites to play jigsaw puzzles online because it allows you to upload your own images, create a puzzle, and share it with your family and friends. It also has various different difficulty levels you can choose from, ranging from the 6-piece classic to a more challenging 247-piece triangle.

  1. Puzzle Garage

This site has free jigsaw puzzles that will grab your attention. Not only does this site has an amazing interface, but it also has a wide range of free jigsaw puzzles. Moreover, the puzzles are designed for all age groups, meaning you can play the puzzles as a family. In addition, it has a multiplayer mode that allows you to join and play with other players.

To enjoy these Websites To Play Jigsaw Puzzles Online for free, you can start by exploring the collections being offered, or you can simply go straight to the Most Wanted Puzzles organized on half of the homepage. This is one of the websites with the highest number of jigsaw puzzles to play. You can choose from over 10,000 jigsaw puzzles.