ams OSRAM’s OSLON Black Flat X LED Devices for Automotive Exterior Lighting now at Mouser

Mouser Electronics is now stocking ams OSRAM’s OSLON Black Flat X LED Devices for Automotive Exterior Lighting. Designed for forward lighting applications, including headlamps, night vision, and laser devices, the OSLON LED devices offer high efficiency and excellent thermal conditions. The OSLON Black Flat X LED devices have a high focus on system cost, making them a durable, cost-effective option for a wide range of lighting solutions.

The ams OSRAM OSLON 3-Chip Black Flat X KW3 HNL631.TK LEDs, available from Mouser Electronics, are high-performance light-emitting diodes offering 1350 lm at 1000 mA. The LEDs’ pad geometry offers exceptional thermal performance, allowing developers to reduce heatsink size in their lighting designs. The 3-Chip Black Flat X LEDs feature an extremely high contrast 1:200 design as a result of black case material and TiO2 casting. The OSLON 4-Chip Black Flat X KW4 HPL631.TK LEDs are an ideal replacement for halogen lamps. Offering up to 2115 lm at 1000 mA, the 4-Chip Black Flat X LEDs support a range of automotive functions, including headlamps and low-beam and high-beam applications. The devices are housed in a compact 7.59 mm × 3.75 mm × 0.50 mm package, making them a suitable choice for high-density applications.

The OSLON 5-Chip Black Flat X KW5 HQL631.TK LEDs from ams OSRAM are the most efficient lead-frame devices in the OSLON series, delivering exceptional performance in automotive exterior applications including halogen replacement. The high-efficiency LEDs offer up to 2140 lm at 1000 mA, and they boast an operating temperature range of -40°C to +135°C.

ams OSRAM’s OSLON Black Flat X LED Devices for Automotive

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