Mouser announced the launch of Sensor Design Resource Site

Mouser Electronics announced the launch of a new Sensor Design Resource Site dedicated to sensor design guides. The resource site features a growing collection of articles dedicated to the intricacies of sensor design applications, providing engineers with the information they need to solve complicated design challenges. Readers can access the resource site by visiting

Sensor Design Resource Site

Advances in sensor design have supported innovative new devices in consumer electronics, medical applications, and automotive manufacturing. The new Sensor Design Resource Site offers a range of rich, in-depth articles on topics including time-of-flight sensors, MEMS microphones, gyroscopes, and accelerometers.

In an article on board-mounted temperature sensors, embedded systems expert Ishmael Chigumira explores the technological innovations that have made it possible for temperature sensors to be integrated in a PCB instead of located off-board. The article defines the different types of temperature sensors, explains how to interpret board-mounted sensors, and prescribes several best practices for integration and implementation. In The Dos and Don’t of VOC Sensors, electronic engineer Robin Mitchell provides a detailed introduction to the different types of sensors used to measure volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The article also explores the various applications for VOC sensors and offers tips on how to choose the right solution for each potential design.

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