Universal Switch-Mode Power Supplies from MEAN WELL

Products designed for installation in industrial and consumer devices.

· LRS series

· RSP series

· UHP series

Power supplies from MEAN WELL are among the most popular products in the TME offer and there’s a good reason for that. In many cases, they are universal units with a wide range of applications. Apart from their characteristics such as durability, user protection and compatibility with the international standards, they also stand out because of the excellent quality-to-price ratio, with the quality being at the world-class level.

Below, we present three series of switch-mode power supplies from MEAN WELL, marked with the symbols LRS, RSP and UHP. They have single outputs with a set voltage (adjustable in some cases). All of the series described here have been designed for installation in the target device, as they are open-frame power supplies, whose enclosures have factory-made mounting openings.

We encourage you to check out the offer of power supplies in our catalogue (see the link below), as well as the description of the characteristics of each series.

LRS series


The LRS series has been designed for installation in industrial devices, elements of automation and control of production processes as well as electric and electronic instrumentation, including household devices. This is possible thanks to the compatibility of the LRS power supplies with many international standards. These are mainly IEC/EN60335-1 and IEC/EN61558-1 (safety of electrical household appliances), TUV/EN/UL60950-1 (European and American standards related to the units for powering computers and similar devices) and GB4943 (similar regulations for the Chinese market). Their wide compatibility and conformability to legal requirements for a range of applications is the advantage of all of the series presented here.

Openwork metal sheet makes the convectional cooling of the unit much easier.

The devices are characterised by their relatively small weight, even 230g, and a wide range of supply voltages (AC and DC). The perforated, metal case ensures good heat dissipation even with convectional cooling, thanks to which the power supplies can work in temperatures from -30 to 70°C while keeping the efficiency of even 91%. Mechanically, the power supplies have been secured against vibrations creating forces of up to 5g and thanks to that, they can be used in applications where they will be exposed to regular vibrations. Their compact low-profile design is an additional advantage. The electrical characteristic of the LRS power supplies is strictly dependent on the model. The input current of the products can reach up to even 353V DC or 264AC. They are able to supply currents up to 22A and voltage in the range of 3.3V to 48V DC (non-adjustable). The power rating of the LRS power supplies, the approximation of which is stated in the signature of most Mean Well products, varies between 33V and 158W. At no-load, the units’ power consumption does not exceed 0.3W.


Power rating: 33…158W

Output voltage: 3.3…48V DC

AC supply voltage: from 85…132V to 170…264V

DC supply voltage: from 120…373V to 240…370V

Weight: 230…480g

Output current: 0.8…22A

Efficiency: 80…91%

* Data dependent on the model.

RSP series

The RSP series power supplies are characterised by a much wider range of power rating, which can reach up to even 3000W (with 125A for 24V DC or 62.5A for 48V DC). Thanks to this and their high precision stabilisation (fluctuations not exceeding the 200mV amplitude), these devices can be used in processes related to laser material processing (cutting plotters), as well as in broadcasting and transfer stations and other radio apparatuses. Subject to the rules set by the manufacturer, they can be connected in parallel, thanks to which the power of even 9000W can be obtained. Their nominal output voltage (we offer models from 2.5V to 48V DC) can be adjusted using dedicated terminals (usually in the range from 40% to 110%).

RSP power supplies have an enclosure with the height of only 30mm or 60mm.


All the products of the RSP series have been equipped with protection against short-circuit, overloads, overheating and exceeding the acceptable supply voltage, as well as the automatic power correction factor circuit. Additionally, they have a remote switch-off feature and an LED power-on indicator. They have been placed in low-profile enclosures (30mm and 60m) with connection terminals in the form of screw terminals. Similar to the other products described here, they are used for installation in places where their components will be cooled conventionally thanks to the openwork metal enclosure.


Power rating: 49.5…3000W

Output voltage: 2.5…48V DC

AC supply voltage: from 85…264V to 180…264V

DC supply voltage: from 120…370V to 254…370V

Weight: 440…4000g

Output current: 1.6…240A

* Data dependent on the model.

UHP series


Mean Well UHP power supplies offer a range of features to facilitate their implementation in complex systems, not only in industrial automation, but also in circuits for charging energy storage units or consumer devices. In addition to the fine output voltage adjustment, as well as output current limitation mode, they feature a remote on/off function and can provide signal informing about the correct operation of the unit. The products have the same protection as the RSP series and are resistant to input voltage spikes (up to 300V AC in 5s). The unique feature of the UHP supplies is their high efficiency of even 96% – such low losses will be desired in any application, in particular in renewable energy systems and machines powered by rechargeable batteries.

A multifunctional 14-pin connector has been placed next to the screw terminals.

Thanks to the accuracy and protective circuits that guarantee the supply of power with strictly defined parameters, they can also be used in telecommunication and systems implementing the PoE technology (Power over Ethernet).


Power rating: 132…1512W

Output voltage: 3.3…48V DC

AC supply voltage: 90…264V

DC supply voltage: from 127…370V to 250…370V

Weight: 468…2510g

Output current: 4.2…80A

Efficiency: 88.5…96%

* Data dependent on the model.

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