Automated Battery-Swapping Solution and Next-Gen Battery Pack launched by SUN Mobility

at Auto Expo 2023

SUN Mobility launched SwapX, a sleek and compact, fully automated battery-swapping solution that will reimagine the future of Urban Electric Mobility. The company also launched its next generation of Battery Pack – S2.1, offering a higher battery power with 45% more range. SwapX is a plug and play battery swapping solution that caters to a mass customer base especially small and medium businesses like pharmacy chains, and department stores to set up and manage Swap Points™ from the convenience of their stores. The solution offered in a franchisee model will address concerns of lack of infrastructure and long charging or waiting time by increasing network density and will encourage mass-scale adoption of EVs.

SwapX has an intuitive, vibrant display and comes with dedicated multiple, system-controlled safety sensors. Each unit has three onboard computers equipped with smart card reader, smoke detection, surge and shock protection and advanced thermal management. The unit also comes with an onboard SOS button. It requires minimal space at an establishment, and multiple stations can be stacked together to facilitate additional swapping requirements in the area.

The S2.1 is a lightweight, smart, and robust Smart Battery with an enhanced capacity of 2.1 kWh. It is cloud-connected, interoperable, and is the epitome of being safe and secure. The S2.1 is AIS156 (Phase 1 certified) and has undergone over 450 safety and performance tests such as  Climatic, Cyclic, Drop, and Vibration tests to name a few. The batteries have been extensively tested with multiple vehicle platforms in real-world conditions. We ensure adherence to safety standards through these extensive trials.

“The EV Industry is rapidly innovating to cater to user requirements of the future. SwapX and the S2.1 Smart Batteries have been developed indigenously and in-house by SUN Mobility, for the world. It helps us improve network density with S2.1 addressing range anxiety. Soon, users will have access to the new generation of battery packs and SwapX stations across India,” said Chetan Maini, Co-founder, and Chairman, SUN Mobility. “The new solutions will be game changing, involving every store in India’s EV revolution, while strengthening the growing electric mobility network in the country.”

“SwapX compliments our vision by greatly strengthening and helping build a high-capacity network. The station is future proof and can charge the current as well as next generation Smart Batteries. For franchisees, it is quite easy to set up with our app and only requires a 15-amp socket and up to 6 sq ft space. Every SwapX and battery is connected to our Smart Network to ensure seamless services from our team,” added Anant Badjatya, CEO, SUN Mobility.