Negative-Slope Equalizers for Broadband Applications

Pasternack New Negative-Slope Equalizers Offset Excessive Loss on Long Cable Runs

Pasternack introduced an innovative series of in-stock, Negative-Slope Equalizers for broadband applications, including electronic warfare, electronic countermeasures, microwave radio and more.

Negative-Slope Equalizers

Pasternack’s new Negative-Slope Equalizers feature impressive performance with high reliability, low VSWR and excellent linearity. They provide low insertion loss ranging from 0.5 dB to 1.2 dB and wide coverage over octave bandwidths from 1 GHz to 26.5 GHz.

These Negative-Slope Equalizers are engineered for resilience with rugged, military-grade, compact coaxial package designs and operating temperatures ranging from 0 degrees to +90 degrees Celsius.

A maximum input power handling of 150 mW allows users to securely transmit greater amounts of power without worrying about overloading and damaging antenna ports.

Our new series of negative-slope equalizers alleviate performance issues in signal processing channels. They are particularly useful in compensating for an amplifier’s broadband gain response that characteristically rolls off at the upper end of the frequency band,” said Tim Galla, Product Line Manager.

Pasternack’s new Negative-Slope Equalizers are in-stock and available for same-day shipping.