VIAVI Solutions Unveils Resilient Positioning, Navigation and Timing from Jackson Labs

Viavi Solutions announced the availability of the PNT-6200 Series Assured Reference for resilient positioning, navigation and timing (PNT). This solution is based on VIAVI’s acquisition of Jackson Labs Technologies in November 2022, and delivers critical security for PNT to communications service providers, network equipment manufacturers, government and military, and avionics markets. The PNT-6200 Series will be showcased at MWC Barcelona, February 27-March 2, at VIAVI Stand 5A18.

As networks become dependent on disaggregated, cloud-native architectures, traditional methods of positioning and timing become less reliable. Concurrently, they are increasingly susceptible to threats of spoofing and jamming. GPS, the most widely used timing and geolocation system, uses low-power radio signals that are easily jammed or spoofed, often inadvertently. These issues can disrupt operations in a range of environments, from aircraft instrument landing systems to timing and synchronization in mobile networks.

The PNT-6200 Series Assured Reference provides maximum resiliency for critical infrastructure dependent on positioning and timing. This compact system can supplement or even replace GPS signals based on connectivity to the broadest range of timing sources in the market, including Low Earth Orbit (LEO), GNSS, commercial satellite, terrestrial, wireline, and atomic clock services. When plugged directly into the antenna port of the timing receiver, the PNT-6200 Series takes the timing signal from the most reliable source and converts it to a radio frequency (RF) signal as a direct replacement for the GPS input, seamlessly enabling continuous operation.

With Private 5G emerging as a major focus for enterprises, resilient PNT will be critical to enable efficient deployment and robust cybersecurity. When installing 5G systems indoors via microcells, access to GPS for timing synchronization and E911 positioning purposes becomes difficult or impossible, and placing an antenna on the roof of the building may not be feasible. With indoor reception, and fully GNSS-independent timing and positioning capability world-wide, the small form factor and diversity of signal sources enable the PNT-6200 Series to effectively address these challenges.

“Almost immediately after we joined VIAVI, we have been able to take advantage of the superior scale of the company, from sales force to supply chain,” said Said Jackson, Founder, Jackson Labs, and Vice President, VIAVI. “Now, we are excited to bring the power of resilient PNT to more markets that VIAVI serves, including telecommunications, avionics and mission-critical infrastructure.”