Digi-Key introduced Supply Chain Transformed Season 2 Video Series

Digi-Key’ Supply Chain Transformed Season 2 Video Series explores building flexible, agile & resilient Supply Chains

Digi-Key Electronics has released the first episode in Season 2 of its “Supply Chain Transformed” video series focused on advancements in IoT, connectivity, sensors and asset tracking within the supply chain.

Supply Chain Transformed Season 2 Video Series

Sponsored by Nordic Semiconductor, the three-episode series will take a closer look at how the world is tackling new and ever-present challenges in global logistics and explore how technology is poised to provide visibility and insight into supply chain risks.

Recent years have shown how much risk truly exists between point A and B in the supply chain,” said Josh Mickolio, supplier business development manager for wireless and IoT at Digi-Key. “With so much continued focus on global logistics, it’s more important than ever for accessible, automated monitoring and tracking. At Digi-Key, we’re dedicated to ensuring that the most in-demand products are readily available to the engineers and designers that depend on them.”

“Automation is key to being able to scale and optimize global supply chains,said Magnus Pedersen, vice president of sales, EMEA at Nordic Semiconductor. “The more efficient we can make the supply chain, the better it is. Fewer parts will have to be in temporary storage and the delivery precision for customers increases. This should save time and money, all the way from wafer production until the end customer receives their end product.”

The first of three videos in the series, “The Path to Recovery,” is now live on Digi-Key’s website, and delves into how supply chains have evolved since the events of 2020 and what suppliers are doing differently to ensure that the most in-demand products are readily available to engineers and designers that depend on them.

The second video, entitled “The Beginning of the Supply Chain,” will look at how suppliers source raw materials and components that form the building blocks of today’s modern designs; and the third video, “Future-Proof Supply Chains,” will explore the steps needed to ensure future supply chains are ready to meet the unexpected surges in demand.

Digi-Key Supply Chain Solutions & Services offer strategic procurement solutions to improve efficiency and avoid supply chain issues. To learn more about the video series and how Digi-Key is working to tackle global logistics challenges, visit the Digi-Key website.

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