Ultra-Low Noise & High PSRR µModule Regulator for Noise-Sensitive Applications

Analog Devices’ Ultra-Low Noise, Ultra-High PSRR µModule Regulator Powers Noise-Sensitive Applications

Analog Devices introduced a super low noise dual output DC/DC High PSRR µModule Regulator with patented silicon, layout, and packaging innovations. Operating from up to 40 V input, the LTM8080’s front-end is a high efficiency synchronous Silent Switcher step-down regulator followed by two separate low noise, low dropout (LDO) regulators. To further suppress switching noise, the LTM8080’s packaging integrates an EMI barrier wall or shield. The result is exceptional low noise values of <1 µVRMS (10 Hz to 100 kHz), 2 nV/√Hz (10 kH) spot noise, and 80 dB PSRR (100 kHz). Compared to discrete solutions without an EMI shield, the LTM8080 reduces output ripple voltage by up to 70% for a simplified and quiet design. The LTM8080 is specifically designed to power digital loads that are susceptible to switching regulator noise such as data converters, RF transmitters, FPGA I/O and clock, op amps, transceivers, and medical scanners.

Ultra-High PSRR µModule Regulator

The LTM8080 µModule regulator’s integrated Silent Switcher architecture minimizes EMI emissions and enables the device to pass CISPR22 Class B and CISPR25 Class 5 without an input filter. The adjustable switching frequency (200 kHz to 2 MHz) and selectable operation modes minimize the risk of frequency interference for very low noise instrumentation and high speed/high precision signal chain applications.

LTM8080 Additional Features:

  • Dual 500 mA or Single 1 A Output Current
  • Output Voltages: 0 V to 8 V
  • Voltage Tracking Function to Minimize Power Loss
  • 100 μA SET Pin Current with ±1% Initial Accuracy
  • Parallelable for Lower Noise and Higher Current

Pricing and Availability

ProductFull ProductionPrice Each Per 1,000Packaging
LTM8080EY#PBFNow$12.839mm x 6.25mm x 3.32mm BGA
LTM8080IY#PBFNow$14.119mm x 6.25mm x 3.32mm BGA