India is One of The Top 10 Markets for Digi-Key

One of the largest electronic components distributors Digi-Key Electronics has marked its prime entry to Indian grounds with the launch of a 30,000 sq ft facility in Bhartiya City Bengaluru, known as Global Capability Center (GCC) on 1st Dec 2022. Digi-Key provides more than 10.8 million components from over 2,300 quality name-brand manufacturers. The distributor is best known for providing the industry’s widest selection of electronic components and immediate shipment.

In a brief interview with Ramesh Babu, Chief Information Officer, Digi-Key, we get to know more about the newly launched Global Capability Centre and Digi-key strategies for the Indian market.

Digi-key has a very strong presence in India. Is Entering the Indian market now with its physical presence implies to part of Digi-key’ Strategic planning?

Digi-Key has had a presence in India since 2020. For the last two and a half years, our team near Delhi has been doing back-office support. India has always been an important market for Digi-Key and it continues to be a growth market for us. The speed of growth within the electronics industry in India is amazing and it’s one of the top 10 markets for Digi-Key.

What global capability centre is all about, does it comprise support only and what is the role of SMC Squared in it?

Digi-Key’s Global Capability Centre (GCC) will serve as an epicenter for technology and innovation for the company’s operations globally, supporting the organization in keeping pace with its suppliers’ and customers’ demands for services and innovation. It’s an integral part of our long-term strategy.

The GCC has been designed to be a global, end-to-end centre that includes not only support teams, but technology teams and sales teams as well. For example, we are currently hiring IT architects and ambassadors for our local university programs.

SMC Squared is helping us to build and initially operate the GCC. In the future that will all transfer to Digi-Key.

Digi-Key already has a strong online presence, what plans do you have to make your physical presence more impactful?

In any country where you have a physical presence, you get a different perspective of the local market. You gain insight into local sensitivities. From a talent perspective, people know more about your company and your brand when you invest resources in the local market.

GCC Ribbon Cutting

Will this new centre be the point of contact for all operations of Digi-Key in India?

The GCC will not be the point of contact for all operations in India right away, but it will be an important regional hub.

How Digi-Key GCC will compete with already well-established competitors? What are your plans for this centre?

Currently, we employ 50 people in the GCC but hope to grow that number to 300 in the next three to five years. India’s well positioned with its abundance of engineers, designers and makers to fuel innovative product design and we see our sales growing alongside of that, possibly as much as three times our current levels in the next three to five years.