How will new regulations revolutionize the autonomous car and ADAS markets?


Owl Autonomous Imaging announced the availability of a new whitepaper – NEW REGULATIONS FOR CARS to PROTECT PEDESTRIANS AT NIGHT –  that explains the status of the latest international, automotive industry and insurance industry regulations that will change how auto manufacturers design and build their next generation vehicles.

Throughout the world, government agencies and industry organizations are in the process of developing and implementing new safety regulations that will force vehicle makers to adapt new safety and night-time driving technologies that are much more effective than those in use today.

This new whitepaper examines the ever-changing state of these various regulations throughout the world and their impact upon what is known as PAEB (Pedestrian Emergency Braking Systems) and will specifically look at the new emerging technologies that will enable cars to essentially see at night to improve road safety for pedestrians, bicycles, motorcycles, etc. 

“If you are involved in the development of next generation autonomous vehicle safety and ADAS systems, it is essential for you to understand how the industry will be changing over the next decade,” says Chuck Gershman, CEO & Co-founder of Owl Autonomous Imaging. “Safety, especially night-time driving safety, is a critical milestone for the automotive industry’s next generation vehicles.”

In addition to these technical details in the whitepaper, there are a handful of related videos online at Owl Autonomous Imaging’s YouTube page.

This new whitepaper can be downloaded from the Owl Autonomous Imaging website