L-com expanded line of IP68, ODVA-Compatible, MPO Fiber Optic, Outdoor Cable Assemblies

L-com expanded its line of IP68, ODVA-compatible, MPO fiber optic, outdoor cable assemblies. The new assemblies are waterproof and dustproof for a wide range of outdoor uses, including broadcast, military ground communications, oil and gas, transport and renewable energy.

These new ODVA-compatible, fiber optic cable assemblies offer major benefits. They feature a simple bayonet-locking system and are compatible and interchangeable with new or existing ODVA cable deployments. They are easy to install for LTE, fiber to the antenna (FTTA), DAS and mobile cell tower applications, including remote radio unit (RRU) and base band unit (BBU). Options are available for multimode fiber and single mode fiber.

L-com’s new ODVA-compatible, MPO fiber optic cable assemblies exceed the requirements for ODVA. They are outdoor-rated with an IP68 designation for reliability in harsh environments. This includes water immersion and an operational temperature range of -40 degrees Celsius (-40 F) to +70 C (+158 F). The cable jackets are chemical-resistant and have a low-smoke, zero-halogen (LSZH) burn rating.

These fiber optic cable assemblies offer low insertion loss and come in 12-strand fiber or 24-strand fiber and lengths up to 30 meters (98 feet). Also included in the product line are ODVA-compatible, IP68-rated fan-out assemblies with lengths up to 5 meters (16 feet) and IP68 LC connectors with chemical resistance and a superior pull force of 100 pounds.

A variety of connector configurations are available, including MPO/UPC, MPO/APC and LC/APC.

“Our new ODVA-compatible, fiber optic cable assemblies offer protection from water and dust for a wide range of outdoor applications. They are compatible with new or existing ODVA cable deployments and are easy to install for LTE, DAS and mobile cell tower applications,said Tim Houghton, L-com Senior Product Line Manager.

Outdoor Cable Assemblies

L-com’s new IP68, ODVA-compatible, MPO fiber optic, outdoor cable assemblies are in-stock and available for immediate shipment. They enhance the company’s existing line of IP67, ODVA, outdoor assemblies.

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