Mouser Samtec Flyover Solutions eBook

Explores New Breakthroughs in High-Speed Electronic Designs

Mouser Electronics announced a new eBook in collaboration with Samtec, exploring the challenges of high-speed designs and the new cable technologies emerging to address them. In Samtec Flyover Solutions Break Next-Gen System Architecture Constraints, a range of Samtec thought leaders offer rich insights into how recent technology breakthroughs have enabled significant advancements in electronics designs. The eBook’s five chapters cover themes including routing high-speed signals, high-speed signal integrity, twinax cable technology, and fiber optic cable systems.

When engineers develop new applications using high-speed signals, they must contend with a range of challenges, including skew, signal integrity, differential signals, and electromagnetic interference. Samtec Flyover Solutions Break Next-Gen System Architecture Constraints, the new eBook from Mouser and Samtec, offers actionable insights for engineers to overcome these challenges using Samtec cable assemblies and connectors. The eBook includes product information for 10 Samtec solutions, concluding each chapter with two relevant design components. The High-Speed Cable Assemblies include several series of micro-coax and twinax cable assemblies. Featuring Samtec’s Eye Speed cable technology, these high-performance cable assemblies feature excellent signal integrity and ribbonizing to eliminate discrete wires. The AcceleRate Slim Body Direct Attach Cable Assemblies offer 8, 16 and 24 differential pair options, as well as a high-density two-row design.

Flyover Solutions eBook

The new Flyover Solutions eBook also features information on the ExaMAX High-Speed Backplane System. The ExaMAX system reduces crosstalk through an innovative wafer design, while press-fit tails ensure a reliable electrical connection. The ExaMAX High-Speed Backplane System supports a variety of industries, including automotive, medical, military, AI, and 5G networking. The Flyover QSFP Cable Systems deliver improved signal integrity by flying critical data over lossy PCB materials. The QSFP cable systems boast an ultra-high-density design, including sideband signaling via press-fit contacts to increase airflow.

Samtec’s range of products, available from Mouser, includes connectors, cable assemblies, industrial automation solutions, and wire housings. Mouser is the industry’s leading New Product Introduction (NPI) distributor with the widest selection of semiconductors and electronic components, and its website sees over 250,000 users per day.

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