Silicon Designs Global Sales & Distribution Partnership with Digi-Key Marketplace

100+ Industrial-Grade MEMS DC Accelerometer Models Now Available for Immediate Online Order 

Silicon Designs announced new global partnership with Digi-Key Marketplace for the online sale and distribution of smaller volumes of its industrial-grade MEMS DC accelerometer modules for zero-to-medium frequency instrumentation applications. Under the new partnership, the company has made available 100 unique MEMS DC accelerometer models, in ranges from ±2 g to ±400 g, for immediate online order via the platform.  

The goal of this enhanced online distribution model is to make Silicon Designs industrial-grade MEMS DC response accelerometer modules more accessible to customers, and particularly in regions or geographies where the company may not already have an authorized sales agent or representative, or where non-commercial ordering quantities may be desired. The Digi-Key Marketplace platform now affords customers the added convenience of ordering industrial-grade MEMS DC accelerometers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere in the world.  

Each Silicon Designs industrial-grade MEMS DC accelerometer module on Digi-Key Marketplace is listed as a dedicated page on the platform. The page contains up-to-date technical specifications, a downloadable product datasheet link, and a dedicated Digi-Key part number. As the manufacturer, Silicon Designs will continue to handle all order approvals and acceptances, inventory management, shipping, and any required export compliance end-user declarations. The company will also continue to provide all technical sales and applications engineering support for each customer purchase.  

Silicon Designs customers who opt to order from Digi-Key Marketplace retain the right to purchase directly from the factory, or any of the company’s authorized sales representatives and distributors, at any time. In addition, all commercial volume, government program, and custom orders, as well as all sales of Silicon Designs inertial-grade accelerometers and chips, will continue to be directly managed from the company’s own ISO9001:2015 certified global corporate headquarters and R&D center in Kirkland, Washington, USA.  

The same strictly regulated in-house manufacturing, testing, and quality management processes at Silicon Designs remain and help to ensure that each of the company’s MEMS DC accelerometer modules and chips are made virtually identically in size and configuration. This uniformity can provide Silicon Designs customers with added time- and cost savings, as it allows them the added flexibility of being able to swap out accelerometer modules from different Series models within the same g-range with few-to-no testing modification requirements.  

MEMS capacitive accelerometer modules on Digi-Key Marketplace

For more information about the industrial-grade MEMS capacitive accelerometer modules offered on Digi-Key Marketplace, or any of Silicon Designs’ other available products, please contact the company at +1.425.391.8329, via email at or visit