Tesla's Bot now pick up objects & move slowly
Image Source : Tesla Channel

Tesla’s Bot can now pick up objects & move slowly | Tesla has published a new video on YouTube where you can see Tesla’s humanoid robots all walking together, with chassis installed, and capable of completing new mundane duties.

In the video Tesla is showcasing new footage of its Tesla Bots, featuring a production-ready chassis, slowly rolling forward, without stumbling blocks we saw during their first reveal. The Robots demonstrated other things too, such as lifting and recognizing objects.

Elon Musk introduced the video during a shareholder meeting event, mentioning that the crew had finished it the previous evening.

Video Source Tesla

Tesla is now showcasing autonomous robots that resemble the model more, although they move rather slowly. A humanoid robot called Tesla’s Bot was first unveiled during the company’s AI Day event in 2017. Tesla was only able to display a disassembled version of the robot at the moment, and even then, it had been hardly able to move forward or carry out any physical Labouré on stage. A version meant to be closer to a production model was displayed, but it could only wave at the audience since it supported on a stand.

Image Source Tesla

Improvements to the Tesla Bots Project

The Tesla Bot project has undergone certain unique improvements, including

  • motor torque control
  • environment detection and memory
  • AI training from human-tracked motions
  • item manipulation

One Tesla Bot was shown picking up items from one container and placing them in another container, serving as an illustration of how the AI had been trained using a human demonstration. Now seven months later, Tesla’s bots are making progress towards becoming a some kind of tangible product.