Doosan Mobility deploys life-saving drones through a combination of Hydrogen Fuel Cells & High-density Power Modules

Learn how drones are used for remote search & rescue missions on the Vicor Powering Innovation podcast

Doosan Mobility Innovation (Doosan) appeared on the Vicor Powering Innovation podcast to discuss the life-saving applications they support with their hydrogen fuel-cell power pack, which enables drones to fly 5x longer than those utilizing lithium-ion batteries. In the latest episode, Doosan, a Korea-based company, shares a variety of life-saving applications where drones are the hero, serving as first-responders in a number of long-distance rescue missions. Doosan’s technology covers a range of applications, many revolving around humanitarian missions.

Robert Gendron, Corporate Vice President of Product Development for Vicor, hosts Soonsuk Roh, Director of Business Development at Doosan, who shares the innovative technology that integrates fuel-cell technology with high-density power modules to dramatically extend flight time for remote, long-distance missions that would be risky or impossible for humans to attempt.

In addition to delivering emergency medical supplies to remote locations, Doosan Mobility drones provide solar panel inspection with far great efficiency and speed. A hydrogen fuel cell power pack makes this possible by enabling over two hours of UAV flight time; four times longer than most battery-powered drones.

Our Vicor Powering Innovation podcast continues to spotlight captivating technological advancements that are changing our world,” said Gendron. “In my conversation with Doosan, we explore their use of hydrogen fuel-cell power packs to power their drones. Soonsuk and his team are focused on leveraging hydrogen fuel cells to enable longer flight times for the drones, which opens up the possibility of supporting a wider variety applications. They are doing remarkable things today to save lives and help people.”

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