AAEON won19th Global Views Magazine ESG Corporate Sustainability Awards

The Global Views Magazine ESG Corporate Sustainability Awards recognizes AAEON for its promotion of art & technology education in rural schools

AAEON were awarded first prize at the 19th Global Views Magazine ESG Corporate Sustainability Awards ceremony, which was held on May 3rd at the Shangri-La Far Eastern Hotel in Taipei.

Global Views Magazine is a media pioneer with the mission to highlight corporate social responsibility (CSR) and environment, society and corporate governance (ESG), in an effort to encourage corporate social responsibility across industries. Since 2005, it has consulted with leading figures in government, industry, academia, and local communities to reward companies based on the criteria of two categories – ‘Comprehensive Performance’ and ‘Outstanding Project’. The former evaluates the ESG policies and practices of companies as a whole, while the latter is dedicated to the contributions of companies across a number of project areas that promote positive social initiatives.

AAEON was awarded first prize for its promotion of education in the “Outstanding Project” category as a result of its ‘Sustainable Project for Art and Technology Education in Rural Campuses,’ a long-term project conducted by the AAEON Culture and Education Foundation. Since 2009, AAEON Technology and the AAEON Culture and Education Foundation have promoted campus art and technology education projects in elementary schools in Chiayi County, providing enriching educational resources to rural areas, which has gained widespread popularity.

In recent years, AAEON has cooperated with likeminded companies to replicate the program in Taitung, Yilan, Yunlin, Changhua, Taichung, Taoyuan and other areas across Taiwan. As of 2022, a total of 580 elementary schools, 3,500 teachers and 1.7 million elementary school children have participated, to which a total of NT$80 million has been dedicated.

AAEON Technology established the AAEON Culture and Education Foundation in 1999, and began to invest in the promotion of social welfare. After the September 21 earthquake, AAEON hoped to heal the psychological trauma of the disaster area’s school children through drama and art, which determined the direction of the AAEON Culture and Education Foundation’s promotion of education for children in rural primary schools.

When Typhoon Morakot hit Taiwan in 2009, AAEON launched a fundraiser to rebuild schools affected by the disaster. However, upon entering the area, the principals of the affected schools said that the biggest obstacle they faced was a lack of educational resources, something that could not be bought with money. Therefore, the AAEON Cultural and Educational Foundation introduced professional directors of standardization and modularization from the technology industry, and began to carry out a variety of projects to give children in rural areas a positive learning environment and a creative stage to flourish, with the aim of narrowing the gap in learning resources between urban and rural areas.

“AAEON Technology and the AAEON Culture and Education Foundation not only focus on the promotion of science and technology education in rural areas, but also place great importance on ESG corporate sustainability principles. We not only regularly participate in activities such as beach cleaning and tree planting every year, but also provide volunteer leave to encourage our employees and their families to participate in volunteer services.AAEON Chairman Y.S. Chuang said. “The AAEON Culture and Education Foundation plans to continue its work promoting environmental sustainability initiatives, alongside providing educational resources in rural areas,Chuang added.