Pasternack released VITA 67 Multi-Port Connector Blocks

Pasternack VITA 67 Multi-Port Connector Blocks deliver High-Density RF Connections

Pasternack announced the release of its new VITA 67 multi-port connector blocks that connect multiple antennas, transmitters or receivers in a limited space or demanding environment. They provide a reliable and efficient solution for military, aerospace and defense applications.

The VITA 67 multi-port connector blocks feature a unique SV connector retention mechanism that, compared to similar designs, offers easier assembly and disassembly of the daughter card module. Additionally, they are designed for side-by-side implementation with VITA 46 hardware and are compatible with coaxial cables that are 0.086” diameter and smaller, providing exceptional RF performance in any mating condition.

By using established and reliable SMPM interfaces, the new VITA 67 multi-port connector blocks provide significant advantages in terms of compatibility, reliability and cost-effectiveness.

The VITA 67 multi-port connector blocks feature rugged construction. They are IP67-rated for protection against harsh environments and have high shock and vibration resistance for reliable operation in challenging conditions.

Our VITA 67 multi-port connector blocks meet the most rigorous requirements of the military, aerospace and defense industries. They are the ideal solution for connecting multiple components in a system,said Steven Pong, Product Line Manager.

Pasternack’s new VITA 67 multi-port connector blocks are in stock and available for same-day shipping.