Enhanced Software Option Expands Application Possibilities for BBA300 Ultra-Wideband RF Amplifier

Rohde & Schwarz, a renowned global leader in broadband amplifier technologies, has unveiled an innovative software package tailored for its acclaimed BBA300 Ultra-Wideband RF Amplifier, specifically designed to cater to diverse test environments. The newly introduced software, with its user-friendly interface, empowers users to precisely configure the amplifier’s operating parameters and efficiently manage test sequences.

The BBA300 Ultra-Wideband RF Amplifier boasts exceptional stability, robustness, and precision, delivering reliable test signals across a continuous frequency range spanning from 380 MHz to 6 GHz, offering an impressive output power of up to 300 W. This versatile amplifier supports a wide array of modulation types, including amplitude, frequency, phase, pulse, and complex OFDM modulation. Consequently, it becomes an invaluable asset in laboratory and validation test environments where accurate and replicated test signals are paramount.

The cutting-edge BBA300-PK1 software option grants users convenient access to the amplifier’s extensive parameter sets. By employing user profiles and a user-friendly web interface, operators can easily access the required functionalities while ensuring safe operations.

The BBA300-PK1 software option introduces two powerful tools: the ability to shift between Class A and Class AB operating points, and the option to choose between maximum RF output power and enhanced tolerance to mismatch at the RF output. These tools offer users unparalleled flexibility in optimizing test signals and swiftly adapting to a wide range of testing requirements.

In summary, Rohde & Schwarz’s latest software offering for the BBA300 Ultra-Wideband RF Amplifier elevates the capabilities of these amplifiers, providing a seamless and efficient testing experience with precise and reliable results.

The ability to move the working point of an amplifier changes its response. As a Class A amplifier, the BBA300 provides excellent linearity and harmonic performance. Shifting to Class AB allows pulsed signals to be reproduced accurately at high power, while improving efficiency. The BBA300-PK1 software option also allows the user to set the amplifier between High Power Mode for high maximum power with a well-matched RF path and VSWR Mode for rated power with high tolerance to load mismatches. The VSWR Mode is useful in EMC applications because it maintains rated power up to a VSWR of 6:1 before the amplifier gradually reduces its rated power to 50% for self-protection in the event of an open circuit or short circuit.

For more information on the BBA300 RF amplifier platform including the BBA300-PK1 software option, and all other Rohde & Schwarz products, see www.rohde-schwarz.com.