Revolutionary AI-Driven Security for the Future of Data Protection and Cyber Threat Defense

 Netskope, announced new solution offerings from SkopeAI, the Netskope suite of artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) innovations available across the Netskope portfolio. SkopeAI capabilities use AI/ML to deliver modern data protection and cyber threat defense, overcoming the limitations of conventional security technologies and providing protection using AI-speed techniques not found in products from other SASE vendors.

The role of AI/ML innovation in improving data protection and threat defense is urgent and pervasive. According to IDC projections, nearly 80% of an estimated 175 zettabytes of data by 2025 will be unstructured, meaning the data will be in such forms as screenshot images, generative AI application prompts, messages in collaboration apps, and numerous others that legacy protection tools can’t adequately identify or analyze, let alone protect.

At the same time, the continued enactment of privacy compliance regulations makes the safeguarding of sensitive data non-negotiable for every business, even as enterprises worldwide also confront critical questions of effectively using AI while safeguarding against its dangers. According to data from Netskope Threat Labs’ latest Cloud & Threat Report, generative AI app use in the enterprise is rapidly increasing—up 22.5% over the past few months—with organizations of 10,000 users or more accessing at least five generative AI apps daily. Among those users, source code is being posted to the most popular generative AI app, ChatGPT, at a concerning rate of 158 i

ncidents per month.

Enter SkopeAI. SkopeAI innovations in the Netskope unified SASE platform use AI/ML to leapfrog traditional security, protect enterprises from AI-generated threats and data loss from the misuse of ChatGPT and other popular generative AI tools, and bring data protection and threat defense techniques into the modern era with unprecedented speed and simplicity. Unique SkopeAI capabilities include:

  • Deep contextual awareness enabling advanced DLP to identify, analyze, and protect structured and unstructured data
  • Automated ML data classification and Train Your Own Classifiers (TYOC) technology, which automatically identifies and categories new data based on a “train-and-forget” approach, ensuring data protection adapts and applies well beyond what standard data identification can achieve
  • AI-based threat protection, which provides unparalleled speed and exceptional results in detecting a wide range of threats, including multivarious attacks, polymorphic malware, novel phishing web domains, zero-day threats, and malicious web content
  • The recent expansion of Netskope Intelligent SSE to provide safe enterprise enablement of generative AI applications such as ChatGPT using advanced data protection techniques
  • AI-driven SD-WAN operations, which proactively monitor the network, provide predictive insights, simplify management, minimize support tickets, and troubleshoot devices remotely, resulting in improved network performance and user experience.

“Forward-thinking technology companies such as Netskope were using AI and ML for security innovation long before it was trendy to say so—it’s been in our products since the day Netskope was founded,” said Sanjay Beri, CEO and co-founder, Netskope. “But only Netskope has fully aligned the use of AI/ML with the needs of modern security and threat defense—democratizing access to data security techniques that move at speeds the era of AI now requires. SkopeAI unleashes the power of AI/ML to protect structured and unstructured data and defend enterprises from ever-evolving threats.”

SkopeAI innovations are available to customers today as unified solution offerings from Netskope and its worldwide network of channel partners. New SkopeAI enhancements and solution bundles will be continuously released.

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