Ranatec to build advanced signal processing hardware for SKAO’s radio telescopes

 Ranatec, a part of the Qamcom group and supplier of specialized test and measurement equipment for RF and microwave applications, today announced it has been appointed by Qamcom Research and Technology to build the industrialized advanced signal processing hardware for the  groundbreaking Square Kilometre Array Observatory (SKAO). Qamcom has been awarded a new extended and expanded contract from SKAO in the global collaboration to build the world’s most powerful radio telescopes managing the entire project lifecycle – from project management, development and industrialization to education for the integration and installation of the subsystem. The Qamcom-developed hardware will be integrated with and complement a wide array of key solutions for the SKAO’s telescopes.

The SKAO  is an intergovernmental organisation whose mission is to build the world’s advanced radio telescopes in Australia and South Africa, The SKAO’s telescopes will, among other things, be used for studies of the early universe, the formation and evolution of stars and galaxies and to look for the presence of life in space. The SKAO is one of the major mega-science facilities of the 21st century and is set to complete the construction of its two world-class telescopes by the end of the decade.

The project appointment is an important step for further growth and global recognition of Ranatec. Selection to build hardware for the major global collaboration significantly strengthens Ranatec’s position as a progress creator within signal management for turning ideas and innovations into real solutions. Additionally, it reinforces and expands the cooperation between Ranatec and Qamcom Research and Technology in becoming turnkey suppliers that provide both development and production.

Charlotte Ornstein, Operations, Ranatec, “We are truly honored to be selected to tap Ranatec’s expertise for building the industrialized advanced signal processing hardware for the SKAO radio telescope. The hardware will be integrated as a comprehensive component within the various contributions from the Qamcom group. An opportunity to participate in the highly prestigious project that includes amongst others, visionary Swedish leaders in technology and space research Qamcom, Chalmers Industriteknik and Onsala Space Observatory, is a unique opportunity in Ranatec’s growth journey.”

– “Ranatec brings its strong track record in delivering innovative solutions to leading global brands for the most demanding niche RF and microwave applications. With broad expertise in manufacturing of premium, specialized test and measurement equipment, we see Ranatec as an outstanding resource to assemble and test an extremely advanced digitised feed receiver system complementing our numerous contributions to this major SKAO initiative”, says Bengt Münter, Project Manager at Qamcom.

Part of a broad global collaboration

The Qamcom SKAO assignment, which extends until 2027, involves a broad international collaboration where Qamcom is responsible for integrating components from other suppliers into the main system. The ground-breaking project brings in numerous segments of the Qamcom Group, including Ranatec. Additionally, Qamcom’s involvement in the SKA project is part of a collaboration with Onsala Space Observatory and Chalmers University of Technology – leading Swedish players in the construction of the SKAO’s telescopes.